21 Mint julep recipes for the best Derby party ever

Apr 28, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. ET
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The Kentucky Derby is almost here, but we all know that the real star of the party ain't the horses — it's the mint julep.

Sweet and refreshing, with a generous dose of bourbon, this classic drink has inspired all manner of cocktails and treats, from the ginger julep to mint julep pie. This year, honor the Derby winners and this delightful beverage alike with the 21 mint julep-inspired recipes below.


1. Clementine mint julep recipe

clementine mint julep

Image: One Martini

Sweet clementine and refreshing mint make for a perfect summer cocktail.

2. Ginger julep recipe

ginger mint julep

Image: So, How's It Taste?

Spicy ginger, cool mint and fragrant orange peel take this mint julep to the next level.

3. Blueberry mint julep spritzer recipe

blueberry mint julep

Image: Three Beans on a String

Summery blueberries turn this mint julep a lovely shade of blue that's pretty enough for any party.

4. Blackberry mint julep recipe

blackberry min julep

Image: The Chic Site

Lighten up your mint julep with blackberries and a refreshing splash of lime seltzer.

5. Kombucha mint julep recipe

kombucha mint julep

Image: Leaf Parade

The best part about this probiotic cocktail is that you can feel at least slightly healthy when drinking it.

6. Sweet tea julep recipe

sweet tea mint julep

Image: Southern Fatty

This sweet tea julep combines two Southern favorites into one delectable cocktail.

7. Grilled watermelon mint julep recipe

grilled watermelon mint julep

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

What better way to wash down your barbecue than with this sweet and smoky grilled watermelon julep?

8. Cherry mint julep recipe

cherry mint julep

This cherry-red mint julep is a star at Derby and Memorial Day parties alike.

Bonus: Watch how easy it is to make a classic Maker's Mark mint julep. When you see how simple this is, you'll be drinking these bad boys year-round.



9. Mint julep chicken skewers recipe

mint julep chicken skewers

Image: Little Leopard Book

Bourbon-glazed bites of tender chicken garnished with mint are the perfect addition to your Derby party spread.

10. Mint julep bars recipe

mint julep bars

Image: The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

Sweet and minty with just a kick of bourbon, these bars are the perfect Derby day treat.

11. Mint julep ice pops recipe

mint julep popsicles

Image: Honestly Yum

Ice-cold mint julep pops are the perfect antidote to a hot summer day.

12. Mint julep pudding shots recipe

mint julep pudding shots

Image: That's So Michelle

Cool and creamy, these pudding shots make the bourbon go down nice and smooth.

13. Mint julep pie recipe

mint julep pie

Image: Baking Bites

This creamy mint julep custard pie will satisfy even the hungriest sweet tooth.

14. Mint julep poached peaches recipe

mint julep poached peaches

Image: Hedonia

Southern peaches poached in mint julep is a refined dessert that's perfect for special occasions.

15. Mint julep cupcake recipe

mint julep cupcakes

Image: The Baker Chick

Fluffy mint julep frosting on top of a bourbon-laced cupcake makes these celebratory treats a classic favorite.

16. Mint julep blondies recipe

mint julep blondies

Image: Fake Food Free

A dash of bourbon brings out the caramelized, buttery flavors of these decadent blondies.

17. Mint julep frozen yogurt recipe

mint julep frozen yogurt

Image: Back to Her Roots

Cool and refreshing, this mint julep froyo will help you stay cool on a day at the races.

18. Mint julep fudge recipe

mint julep fudge

Image: Lemons for Lulu

This fudge is the perfect showcase for chocolate, mint and bourbon.

19. Bourbon brownies + mint julep buttercream recipe

mint julep bourbon brownies

Image: Glazed & Confused

Mint julep buttercream takes the edge off of these chocolaty bourbon brownies.

20. Mint julep Bundt cake recipe

mint julep bundt cake

Image: Sift & Whisk

Add strawberries and whipped cream to this mint julep Bundt cake, and you have the perfect summer dessert.

21. Dark chocolate mint julep truffles recipe

dark chocolate mint julep truffles

Image: Nuevo Floribbean

The ultimate treats, these luxurious truffles are loaded with chocolate and mint.

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