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24 Drool-worthy veggie burgers any meat lover would devour

Summer grilling is slowly but surely approaching, and we’re excited to grill everything and anything. If you’re inviting vegetarians to your cookout, make sure to have a veggie burger option that’s delicious — like any of the ones below.

The great thing about these burgers is that they can be made with a variety of vegetables and whole grains — the sky is the limit when creating these veggie burger blends. As long as they stick together, you’re ready to go.

1. Taco veggie burger recipe

taco veggie

Image: Healthy Delicious

All the flavors from your favorite taco recipes in this one delicious taco veggie burger.

2. Spicy Moroccan veggie burger recipe

moroccan burger

Image: Daring Gourmet

Bring the flavors of Morocco to your family table by making a batch of these zesty, spicy Moroccan veggie burgers.

3. Healthy kale and portobello mushroom burger recipe

kale burger

Image: Foodness Gracious

Kale isn’t just for baking into chips. Try your hand at this healthy kale and portobello mushroom burger recipe.

4. Sweet potato burger recipe

sweet potato burger

Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

We love the creaminess of sweet potatoes in a veggie burger, and this recipe for sweet potato burgers does not disappoint.

5. Quinoa-sweet potato burgers with coconut Thai slaw recipe

quinoa burger

Quinoa acts like a great binder in these quinoa-sweet potato burgers with coconut Thai slaw, and the slaw is packed with amazing flavor.

6. Spicy black bean burgers with chipotle mayonnaise recipe

black bean burger

Image: Skinnytaste

Make these spicy black bean burgers, and don’t forget that chipotle mayonnaise! Sometimes all you need is a good condiment to make a recipe 10 times better.

7. Black lentil, pistachio and shiitake mushroom burger recipe

lentil burger

Whoa! We’re loving the nuts in this recipe for black lentil, pistachio and shiitake mushroom burgers. Plus, lentils are incredibly healthy.

8. Eggplant burgers with honey beer-glazed caramelized shallots recipe

eggplant burger

Image: Eats Well with Others

Eggplant burgers with honey beer-glazed caramelized shallots — basically we just want to eat these caramelized shallots by the spoonful.

9. Healthy mixed grains veggie burger recipe

grain burger

Image: Foodness Gracious

Take your pick of your favorite whole grains, and create these healthy mixed grains veggie burgers, perfect for a summer cookout.

10. Buffalo blue curly cheese fry and crispy black bean burger recipe

curly cheese burger

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Who ever said veggie burgers had to be boring? Take a look at this amazing Buffalo blue curly cheese fry and crispy black bean burger.

11. Hazelnut burger with roasted tomatoes and avocado recipe

hazelnut burgers

Image: Allyson Kramer

Once again, we have a recipe with nuts in it, which add great texture and flavor to this hazelnut burger with roasted tomatoes and avocado.

12. Greek spinach veggie burger recipe

greek veggie burgers

Greek spinach veggie burgers are packed with flavors from the Mediterranean. They’re like traveling without the need of a passport.

13. Sweet potato black bean chili burgers with baked cheddar beer onion rings recipe

chili black bean burgers

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Sweet potato black bean chili burgers with baked cheddar beer onion rings… Do we need to say anything else?

14. Carrot rice nut burger recipe

carrot burger

If you have leftover rice, then this recipe for carrot rice nut burgers is a great leftover idea.

15. Southwestern-style veggie burger recipe

southwest burger

Image: Stephie Cooks

Bring the flavors of the South to your table with this recipe for Southwestern-style veggie burgers.

16. Black bean veggie burger with corn salsa recipe

black bean veggie burger with corn salsa

The fresh ingredients in this black bean burger recipe will make you want to skip those premade patties from the grocery store.

17. White bean veggie burger recipe

white bean veggie burger

This white bean burger is packed with additional flavors from mushrooms and sweet potatoes that are perfect for adding your own toppings.

18. Smoky sweet potato burger with garlic cream and avocado recipe

smoky sweet potato burger

Image: How Sweet It Is

The secret to this smoky sweet potato burger is to make sure the outsides are crispy.

19. Vegan barbecue tofu burger recipe

vegan bbq tofu

Image: Vegan Miam

This vegan barbecue tofu burger has a hint of Asian flavors, and you can make all the flavoring from scratch.

20. Eggplant-hummus veggie burger recipe

eggplant hummus veggie burger

Image: Wishful Chef

If you’re looking for something light but still craving a burger, then try this eggplant-hummus veggie burger.

21. Freekeh bean burger with harissa onions recipe

freekeh bean burger

Image: Oh My Veggies

Freekeh bean burgers are not very common, but combined with carrots, pinto beans and a Middle Eastern spice blend, they won’t disappoint.

22. Red lentil-cauliflower burger recipe

red lentil cauliflower

Image: Vegan Richa

This red lentil-cauliflower burger is topped with chipotle habanero mayo, spinach, chickpea onion rings, roasted mini peppers and more. The patty itself also has a hint of spice from the lentils and cauliflower.

23. Kale and portobello veggie burger recipe

kale and portobello burger

Image: Foodness Gracious

This kale and portobello mushroom burger is another reason you should start eating more kale.

24. Baked falafel burger recipe

baked falafel burger

Image: Minimalist Baker

This baked falafel burger is the perfect way to incorporate hummus into a burger. It also has the perfect blend of tangy and spicy flavors.

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Additional reporting by Alexi Velasquez

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