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Ben & Jerry’s BRRR-ito wraps up a new way for you to love its ice cream

There’s a new Ben & Jerry’s product in town. It’s being released on April 20. It’s a BRRR-ito. Ice cream rolled up in a chewy waffle cone. On 4/20.

Get it?

The founders of Ben & Jerry’s have made no secret of their feelings on marijuana. When asked recently about the possibility of a pot-infused ice cream, Ben Cohen told HuffPost Live, “Makes sense to me. Combine your pleasures.”

In the meantime, it seems they’ve figured out a way to give a nod to the controversial substance on a day most associated with it. 4/20.


Image: Ben & Jerry’s

The BRRR-ito comes complete with two scoops of ice cream, a fudge drizzle and cookie crumbs, all rolled up in a soft, chewy waffle wrap. I have to admit I have a pretty strong allegiance to choco tacos, but this new ice cream burrito just might steal my heart.

And not just because I have the munchies.

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