10 Pieces of pancake art that would make your breakfast amazing

Apr 16, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Warning: This ridiculously cool pancake art could make you feel really inadequate about your breakfast-making skills.

When I was little, my dad would awe and amaze me with his snowman pancakes. I couldn't imagine how he could magically turn ordinary pancake batter into a snowman, complete with a face, and I thought they tasted so much better than the regular ol' round ones. But most of all, it just made me feel special every time he made me those fancy pancakes.

Well, apparently pancake art has come a long way since those snowmen, but the idea behind it is still the same. Mark and Kim of @pancakefunday have started a tradition within their family, making and decorating incredible pancakes every Sunday.

According to their blog, "It started one day when our oldest said, 'Daddy, I want a pancake shaped like a dolphin.'" So he made one, and an awesome tradition was born. I'm willing to bet their daughter will never forget those mornings.

Check out some of their amazing pancake art.

1. Pizza for breakfast


Not everyone likes pizza for breakfast, but I'm pretty sure this slice would be a hit no matter what.

2. Edible bugs


These are the kind of bugs I can get behind eating.

3. Fly me to the moon


Or fly that pancake straight into my mouth.

4. When yard work is fun


Those fluffy whipped cream clouds are calling my name.

5. Arrr, matey!


How unbelievably stoked would you be (kid or adult) with this pancake in front of you?

6. Fruitful bird


They even keep it food dye free by using fruit for coloring. Genius.

7. You've got mail


I'll admit I'm partial to this one because I harbor a slightly unhealthy adoration for You've Got Mail. C'mon... it's classic Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

8. Who wouldn't want to eat this?


See what I did there? Who? Hoo... Never mind.

9. Tree art


This scene looks more like it should be framed than eaten. Incredible.

10. Adorable lizard


This guy is almost too cute to eat. I said almost. I'd totally eat him.

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