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27 Picnic Food Recipes That’ll Impress Everyone

15. Crunchy Asian ramen noodle salad recipe

ramen saladImage: Gimme Some Oven

We’re in love with this crunchy Asian ramen noodle salad, apparently called “the perfect potluck salad.”

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16. Creamy harissa-spiced chicken pasta recipe

Creamy harissa spiced chicken pasta
Image: Becky’s Best Bites

This is not your usual pasta salad. The peppers give this harissa chicken pasta a much-needed spicy kick — and will quickly become your new favorite.

17. Ham & cheese pinwheels recipe

Ham and cheese pinwheels
Image: Well Plated

These ham and cheese pinwheels are perfect for little fingers, but the adults will want to devour these too.

18. Lasagna cupcakes recipe

lasagna cupcakes
Image: SheKnows

Bring your favorite dinner dish to a picnic with these bite-size lasagna cupcakes.

19. Spaghetti squash spring rolls recipe

spaghetti squash spring rolls Image: Sweet & Savory

These spaghetti squash spring rolls are a great refreshing snack or appetizer for summer picnics.

20. Homemade ice pops recipe

Mandarin orange cream popsicles
Image: A Beautiful Mess

Any spring or summer picnic is deserving of some chilly treats — and these healthy, homemade ice pops are the perfect way to cool down.

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21. Cauliflower shawarma tacos recipe

Cauliflower shawarma tacos
Image: Not Without Salt

For the more health-conscious of your social circle, serve them these cauliflower shawarma tacos. You can’t go wrong.

22. Pineapple-mango tropical chicken skewers recipe

pineapple mango chicken skewersImage: Simply, Taralynn

These pineapple-mango chicken skewers have the perfect flavors for a picnic or cookout this summer.

23. Vegetarian lentil sausage rolls recipe

Truffle Chive Chip Dip
Image: A Beautiful Mess

A dairy-free dip? And with truffle oil? You bet! A Beautiful Mess has the delicious recipe.

23. Sweet potato-millet falafel recipe

sweet potato millet falafelImage: Oh My Veggies

These sweet potato and millet falafel are the perfect recipe for the family to share. Just combine with the dip of your choice.

24. Tortellini Caesar salad recipe

tortellini caesar saladImage: Amuse Your Bouche

Try a tortellini Caesar salad to keep you refreshed on a warm day.

25. Avocado-corn salsa recipe

avocado corn salsaImage: Damn Delicious

For anyone who wants to try a new kind of salsa, this avocado-corn salsa is the perfect dip — it’s healthy too!

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26. Watermelon-lime dessert bars recipe

Watermelon lime bars
Image: Not Without Salt

Sure, you can slice up a watermelon, but these watermelon-lime dessert bars are even better.

27. Greek olive pesto-fried zucchini pitas recipe

fried zucchini pitaImage: Half Baked Harvest

These Greek olive pesto-fried zucchini pitas can get messy, but they’re definitely worth it.

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Additional reporting by Alexi Velasquez.

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