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27 Picnic Food Recipes That’ll Impress Everyone

If there’s anything we’ve learned about potlucks and picnic food, it’s that we should probably skip the coleslaw and potato salad.

So, to impress your friends and family with a new take on picnic food — one that doesn’t include the boring, bland aforementioned staples — step up your entertaining game with these amazing recipes. Trust us; your food will be the star of every one of your guests’ IG stories.

Let’s dig in.

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1. Avocado-feta dip recipe

avocado feta dipImage: Two Peas and Their Pod

Dip into a whole new world with this avocado-feta dip. The smooth avocado is the perfect canvas for salty, delicious feta cheese.

2. Basil pesto, provolone & arugula wraps recipe

pesto bites
Image: SheKnows

These cute basil pesto, provolone and arugula wraps are the perfect finger food and pack a ton of flavor in every bite.

3. Ham & asparagus picnic sandwich recipe

ham picnic sandwich
Image: Healthy Delicious

Get some vegetables in you with these gorgeous ham and asparagus picnic sandwiches.

4. Easy caprese tarts

Caprese tarts from Emily Bites
Image: Emily Bites

These easy, breezy caprese tarts from Emily Bites are not only crowd-pleasers, they’re healthy too: They’re only 105 calories or 4 Weight Watchers SmartPoints each. Win-win!

5. Sweet-&-sour guava chicken recipe

guava chicken Image: Pineapple and Coconut

Why not bring some hearty protein like chicken to your picnic game? This sweet-and-sour guava chicken would be awesome served warm, but can be served at room temperature. We’re loving the tropical flavors.

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6. Cream cheese, tomato & basil sandwich recipe

cream cheese sandwichesImage: Running to the Kitchen

Just imagine biting into this cream cheese, tomato and basil sandwich. Seriously, the creamy cheese, the juicy tomatoes, the herbaceous basil: It all makes for the perfect bite.

7. Creamy lemon-infused pasta salad recipe

lemon pasta
Image: SheKnows

Sure, pasta salads can be boring, but not this creamy lemon-infused pasta salad. Lemon brightens up any salad and adds that pop of “spring is here!” we all need.

8. Caprese dip recipe

Caprese dip recipe Emily Bites
Image: Emily Bites

Our favorite flavors all rolled into one amazing caprese dip — we would love this at our next picnic.

9. Fresh peach & avocado wrap with honey-lime spread recipe

avo peach wrap
Image: SheKnows

Oh, goodness. How amazing does this fresh peach and avocado wrap with honey-lime spread look? We are loving the natural sweetness and creaminess of these ingredients.

10. Greek tortellini salad recipe

Greek tortellini salad recipe
Image: The Slow Roasted Italian

Greek tortellini salad makes pasta salad cry in the corner — but will rock your senses.

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11. Tropical mango-avocado salad recipe

mango salad
Image: SheKnows

Ever need a light salad but don’t want it to be boring? Try this gorgeous tropical mango-avocado salad.

12. Smoked salmon quiche recipe

Puff pastry salmon quiche
Image: Foodie Crush

Quiche is one of the most perfect things to serve at a picnic because it tastes amazing at room temperature. So try this smoked salmon quiche recipe next time.

13. Fresh papaya & chicken spring rolls recipe

papaya rolls
Image: SheKnows

You can substitute the chicken for shrimp in these fresh papaya and chicken spring rolls for an even lighter roll.

14. Deep-dish spinach & prosciutto quiche with toasted sesame crust recipe

deep quicheImage: Half Baked Harvest

This deep-dish spinach and prosciutto quiche with toasted sesame crust is a stunning recipe to bring to a picnic, and you’d only need a leafy salad to go alongside it for a complete meal.

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A version of this article was originally published in April 2015.

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