27 Picnic Food Recipes That'll Impress Everyone

Apr 14, 2018 at 5:25 p.m. ET

If there's anything we've learned about potlucks and picnic food, it's that we should probably skip the coleslaw and potato salad.

So, to impress your friends and family with a new take on picnic food — one that doesn't include the boring, bland aforementioned staples — step up your entertaining game with these amazing recipes. Trust us; your food will be the star of every one of your guests' IG stories.

Let's dig in.

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1. Avocado-feta dip recipe

avocado feta dipImage: Two Peas and Their Pod

Dip into a whole new world with this avocado-feta dip. The smooth avocado is the perfect canvas for salty, delicious feta cheese.

2. Basil pesto, provolone & arugula wraps recipe

pesto bites
Image: SheKnows

These cute basil pesto, provolone and arugula wraps are the perfect finger food and pack a ton of flavor in every bite.

3. Ham & asparagus picnic sandwich recipe

ham picnic sandwich
Image: Healthy Delicious

Get some vegetables in you with these gorgeous ham and asparagus picnic sandwiches.

4. Easy caprese tarts

Caprese tarts from Emily Bites
Image: Emily Bites

These easy, breezy caprese tarts from Emily Bites are not only crowd-pleasers, they're healthy too: They're only 105 calories or 4 Weight Watchers SmartPoints each. Win-win!

5. Sweet-&-sour guava chicken recipe

guava chicken Image: Pineapple and Coconut

Why not bring some hearty protein like chicken to your picnic game? This sweet-and-sour guava chicken would be awesome served warm, but can be served at room temperature. We're loving the tropical flavors.

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6. Cream cheese, tomato & basil sandwich recipe

cream cheese sandwichesImage: Running to the Kitchen

Just imagine biting into this cream cheese, tomato and basil sandwich. Seriously, the creamy cheese, the juicy tomatoes, the herbaceous basil: It all makes for the perfect bite.

7. Creamy lemon-infused pasta salad recipe

lemon pasta
Image: SheKnows

Sure, pasta salads can be boring, but not this creamy lemon-infused pasta salad. Lemon brightens up any salad and adds that pop of "spring is here!" we all need.

8. Caprese dip recipe

Caprese dip recipe Emily Bites
Image: Emily Bites

Our favorite flavors all rolled into one amazing caprese dip — we would love this at our next picnic.

9. Fresh peach & avocado wrap with honey-lime spread recipe

avo peach wrap
Image: SheKnows

Oh, goodness. How amazing does this fresh peach and avocado wrap with honey-lime spread look? We are loving the natural sweetness and creaminess of these ingredients.

10. Greek tortellini salad recipe

Greek tortellini salad recipe
Image: The Slow Roasted Italian

Greek tortellini salad makes pasta salad cry in the corner — but will rock your senses.

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11. Tropical mango-avocado salad recipe

mango salad
Image: SheKnows

Ever need a light salad but don't want it to be boring? Try this gorgeous tropical mango-avocado salad.

12. Smoked salmon quiche recipe

Puff pastry salmon quiche
Image: Foodie Crush

Quiche is one of the most perfect things to serve at a picnic because it tastes amazing at room temperature. So try this smoked salmon quiche recipe next time.

13. Fresh papaya & chicken spring rolls recipe

papaya rolls
Image: SheKnows

You can substitute the chicken for shrimp in these fresh papaya and chicken spring rolls for an even lighter roll.

14. Deep-dish spinach & prosciutto quiche with toasted sesame crust recipe

deep quicheImage: Half Baked Harvest

This deep-dish spinach and prosciutto quiche with toasted sesame crust is a stunning recipe to bring to a picnic, and you'd only need a leafy salad to go alongside it for a complete meal.

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