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23 Edible flower recipes that are almost too pretty to eat


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Nothing makes a house feel more bright and cheerful than fresh flowers. And the same philosophy can be applied to food too.

Whether you want your morning yogurt and granola jazzed up with some pretty petals or prefer some bright blossoms on your bread, these gorgeous recipes will make every mealtime feel just a little more special.

1. Aloha tropical layer cake with pineapple florets recipe

pineapple floret hummingbird cake

Image: The Road to Honey

This classic dessert is the crown jewel of any celebration thanks to pineapple florets.

2. Granola parfaits with homemade chamomile yogurt and edible flowers recipe

granola parfaits with edible flowers

Image: Butter and Brioche

This breakfast is totally worth waking up early for thanks to the pretty flowers.

3. Stuffed zucchini flowers recipe

smoked ricotta stuffed zucchini blossoms

Image: Boy and Spoon

Sometimes flowers aren’t just a garnish — they’re the main event, like with these smoked ricotta and goat cheese-stuffed zucchini blossoms.

4. Peas, fava beans and herb flowers with lemon ricotta cream recipe

pea fava bean and herb flowers with ricotta cream

Image: Apron and Sneakers

Flowering herbs are put to good use in this springy vegetable dish.

5. Chive flower flatbread recipe

chive flower flatbread

Image: The Woks of Life

Chive flowers take center stage in this scrumptious flatbread.

6. Tomato salad with flowers, za’atar and farro recipe

tomato and farro salad with flowers

Image: Flying Fourchette

A sure way to start eating more salad? Keep some flowers on hand to scatter onto your greens before eating. Suddenly your salad is too pretty to resist.

7. Elderflower fritters recipe

elderflower fritters

Image: Lazy Sunday Cooking

Elderflowers are a seasonal favorite, and these fritters put them front and center.

8. Sherry-roasted strawberries
with vanilla date pistachio muesli and flowers recipe

sherry roasted strawberry muesli with flowers

Image: Veggies and Gin

This muesli, with bright orange flowers and sherry-roasted strawberries, makes every morning feel special.

9. Edible flower ice cubes recipe

edible flower ice cubes

Image: The View from Great Island

These floral ice cubes are just the thing to make your cocktails, ice tea or even water feel extra swanky.

10. Candied pansy and viola mini pavlovas recipe

candied pansy and violet mini pavlovas

Image: Adventures in Cooking

Light as a cloud and just as pretty, these flower-covered pavlovas are an excellent dinner party dessert.

11. Smoked salmon salad recipe

smoked salmon salad with flowers

Image: Daily Gourmet

This smoked salmon salad with olives and tomato brings out the savory side of edible flowers, some varieties of which can pack a peppery punch.

12. Potato salad with chive flowers and soft-boiled eggs recipe

potato salad with chive flowers and soft boiled egg

Image: Juls’ Kitchen

Onion-y chive flowers are such a natural addition to creamy potato salad, it’s hard to believe we haven’t been adding them all along.

13. Blueberry violet éclairs recipe

blueberry violet eclairs

Image: Sift and Whisk

Blueberry éclairs dotted with violets are pretty enough for even the poshest tea party.

14. Citrus margarita spring ice pops recipe

citrus margarita flower popsicles

Image: Kiran Tarun

These ice pops really go above and beyond, featuring not just tequila but colorful blossoms too.

15. Vegan cardamom and rose petal doughnuts recipe

vegan cardamom and rose petal donuts

Image: The Inclusive Vegan

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a special breakfast on the weekends, and these vegan rose petal doughnuts certainly fit the bill.

16. Medley of vegetables, flowers and herbs recipe

composed herb and flower salad

Image: Ms I-Hua

Composed salads look super fancy but don’t take that much skill and are the perfect excuse for playing with your food. Treat yourself to this colorful version, loaded with flowers and herbs.

17. Tempura edible flowers recipe

tempura edible flowers

Image: Hungry Ghost Food and Travel

You can tempura-batter basically anything, and it will taste great, as proven by these fried flowers.

18. Lilac blossom-almond scones recipe

lilac blossom and almond scones

Image: Holly and Flora

Delicate lilac blossoms and ground almonds give these classic scones a garden party makeover.

19. Flower salad recipe

flower salad

Image: The View from Great Island

This scrumptious salad is made from flowers and other fresh veggies. Learn more about choosing edible flowers here too.

20. Kesar lachcha rabdi recipe

kesar lachcha rabdi recipe

Image: Cubes N Juliennes

This delicious dessert drink from Northern India features thickened warm milk, saffron and dried rose petals.

21. Rose petal jam recipe

rose petal jam

Image: Feasting at Home

This floral and fruity rose petal jam makes a great gift — for others or yourself!

22. Beetroot apple sunchoke salad
on beetroot rösti with spring flowers recipe

beet apple sunchoke flower salad

Image: Almond Corner

This fabulous-looking dish of fried beets and flowers would be just the thing to wow your sweetie on date night.

23. Elderflower smoked halloumi, rhubarb relish,
lightly pickled radish and rhubarb “glass” recipe

elderflower smoked hallumi

Image: Veggie Chef

Test your culinary chops with this beautiful recipe, featuring elderflower smoked halloumi (a type of cheese from Cyprus) and rhubarb.

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