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5 Mind-blowing beer hacks you’ve got to try (VIDEO)

File these beer hacks under cool party tricks.

Unfortunately I am not here to tell you that this magical glass — aka the ultimate beer hack — has become a reality:

beer gif

Image: Giphy

If it did, I would be in serious trouble.

While I wait patiently for brew-loving iPhone geniuses to invent it, I will amuse myself with other amazing beer hacks. For instance, did you know that there’s a super-weird way to abolish the excess foam from your pint? Spoiler alert: It involves the oil from your nose and might have to be one of those things I try after several beers.


Also addressed are two of the most common beer woes: 1) warm beer, 2) no bottle opener. Sure, you can wait patiently while your beer chills in the fridge, but no opener poses the real problem. Try as I might, I’ve never been able to successfully master the art of opening a beer with a lighter or smacking it on the edge of the table. Well, I have new hope, both for ultra-fast chilling and bottle opener alternatives.

Check out these tricks, and amaze your friends next time the party hits a lull. But know your audience… They might not want your nose oil in their beer.

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