Herb-infused cocktails are our fall obsession

There’s one ingredient that can take your average cocktail from pretty delicious to next-level, and you’ve probably guessed that it’s fresh herbs. Muddle ’em, mince ’em or garnish with ’em, but you’re going to notice a huge difference when you use herbs to “freshen” up your favorite drink.

Next time you’re at the market or store, don’t forget to pick up some fresh and fragrant herbs that are in season. Your taste buds will thank you later.

Image: herb infused cocktails


1. Rhubarb-basil cocktail

Image: Pixels and Crumbs

Made with rhubarb simple syrup, this zippy cocktail is perfect for warmer weather.

2. Blueberry-Thai basil mojito

Image: Vegan Yack Attack

Ripe blueberries and spicy Thai basil turn the classic mojito on its head in this vibrant cocktail.

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3. Peach-basil juleps

Image: Spicy Southern Kitchen

Sweet peaches and fragrant basil put a twist on the classic julep that you’ll have to taste to believe.

4. Watermelon + basil + cucumber + gin cocktail

Image: Holly and Flora

Watermelon and cucumber mix with gin and basil to make basically the most refreshing cocktail of all time.

5. Honeydew-basil spritzer

Image: A House in the Hills

Zingy sauvignon blanc, sweet honeydew melon and herbal basil make this spritzer really hit the spot.


6. Daisy Fay

Image: Just Make Me Something

This exotic combination of lavender-infused honey syrup, amaretto and silver rum is perfect for enjoying in the garden after a long day.

7. Lemon-lavender cocktail

Image: Bake Noir

For this drink you’ll need to make your own lavender syrup, which you can then use in all manner of cocktails.

8. Lavender-peach Bellini

Image: The Kitchy Kitchen

Fruity and floral, this cocktail is perfect for brunch.

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9. Lavender-vanilla bourbon cocktail

Image: Forbidden Rice Blog

Floral with lavender and warm from vanilla and bourbon, this intriguing cocktail is great for date night.

10. Summer garden gin fizz

Image: Portland Fin

This cocktail with lavender, lemon and basil brings out the complexities of a fine gin.


11. Strawberry-kiwi frozen mojito

Image: Host the Toast

This favorite flavor combination from childhood gets an adult kick with a splash of rum and fresh mint.

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12. Elderflower smash

Image: Baked Bree

This pretty pink cocktail is loaded with flavor thanks to St. Germain, gin and fresh mint.

13. Watermelon mint cocktail

Image: 17 Apart

Mint and freshly squeezed watermelon juice are topped with prosecco to make this fun, fizzy cocktail.

14. Cranberry-mint cocktail

Image: Bloglovin

Cranberry isn’t just a winter flavor — paired with mint and gin, it’s thirst-quenching enough to stand up to warmer weather.

15. Raspberry, limoncello and prosecco cocktail

Image: Damn Delicious

Is there any flavor combo more summery than raspberry and lemon? Add fresh mint and prosecco, and you have the ideal cocktail for lounging by the pool.

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Other herbs

16. Pineapple-cilantro margarita

Image: Boulder Locavore

Pineapple, lime and cilantro combine to make this tropical cocktail perfect for the hottest summer days.

17. The Bee’s Knees cocktail

Image: Holly and Flora

Honey syrup and gin create a complex flavor profile in this fun drink that is only enhanced by a fresh sprig of thyme as garnish.

18. Lemon verbena gimlet

Image: Grey Is the New Black

Citrusy and herbal, lemon verbena is more than at home in this charming gin gimlet.

19. Island Laurel

Image: Feu de Vie

Oregano in a cocktail? Yes! The resinous herb brings out the best of this rum and pineapple drink.

20. The Love Potion cocktail

Image: Jacquelyn Clark

Blackberries and thyme make this cocktail taste like something out of an enchanted garden.

21. Pacific Passage

Image: One Martini

Lemongrass and ginger make for a spicy, fragrant cocktail that will transport you to warmer climes.

22. Fig and lemon fizz

Image: My Diary of Us

Honey-rosemary syrup and fresh fig puree set this tastebud-tingling cocktail apart from the rest.

Originally published April 2015. Updated October 2016.