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Herb-infused cocktails are our fall obsession


SheKnows Editorial

12. Elderflower smash

elderflower smash
Image: Baked Bree

This pretty pink cocktail is loaded with flavor thanks to St. Germain, gin and fresh mint.

13. Watermelon mint cocktail

watermelon mint cocktail
Image: 17 Apart

Mint and freshly squeezed watermelon juice are topped with prosecco to make this fun, fizzy cocktail.

14. Cranberry-mint cocktail

cranberry mint cocktail
Image: Bloglovin

Cranberry isn’t just a winter flavor — paired with mint and gin, it’s thirst-quenching enough to stand up to warmer weather.

15. Raspberry, limoncello and prosecco cocktail

raspberry limoncello
Image: Damn Delicious

Is there any flavor combo more summery than raspberry and lemon? Add fresh mint and prosecco, and you have the ideal cocktail for lounging by the pool.

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Other herbs

16. Pineapple-cilantro margarita

pineapple cilantro margarita
Image: Boulder Locavore

Pineapple, lime and cilantro combine to make this tropical cocktail perfect for the hottest summer days.

17. The Bee’s Knees cocktail

the bee's knees cocktail
Image: Holly and Flora

Honey syrup and gin create a complex flavor profile in this fun drink that is only enhanced by a fresh sprig of thyme as garnish.

18. Lemon verbena gimlet

lemon verbena cocktail
Image: Grey Is the New Black

Citrusy and herbal, lemon verbena is more than at home in this charming gin gimlet.

19. Island Laurel

island laurel oregano cocktail
Image: Feu de Vie

Oregano in a cocktail? Yes! The resinous herb brings out the best of this rum and pineapple drink.

20. The Love Potion cocktail

blackberry thyme love potion cocktail
Image: Jacquelyn Clark

Blackberries and thyme make this cocktail taste like something out of an enchanted garden.

21. Pacific Passage

lemon verbena cocktail
Image: One Martini

Lemongrass and ginger make for a spicy, fragrant cocktail that will transport you to warmer climes.

22. Fig and lemon fizz

rosemary fig cocktail
Image: My Diary of Us

Honey-rosemary syrup and fresh fig puree set this tastebud-tingling cocktail apart from the rest.

Originally published April 2015. Updated October 2016.

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