Bacon-fried Oreos are the sweet-and-salty treat that will blow your mind

Bacon. Oreos. Bacon. Oreos. Say it with me now: bacon-fried Oreos!

There are not a lot of times when I freak out about food (other than your normal I-am-excited-’cause-I-love-to-eat-all-day-every-day freak-out, that is), but when I see Oreos that are wrapped in bacon and then fried, my head spins in a way that makes my stomach wish I could reach my hand across the screen and grab one of these babies ASAP. I mean, look!

bacon fried oreos

Photo: Oh, Bite It!

One of our favorite food blogs, Oh, Bite It!, has seriously outdone herself with this new recipe. I’m one of those people who loves flavor combinations. Give me salty-and-sweet any day, and these bacon-fried Oreos really deliver on that promise.

I don’t know about you, but I know exactly what I am doing this weekend: eating about 27,000 of these. Well, maybe not that many, but certainly an entire box worth of Oreos. In fact, I also know what I am bringing to my friend’s birthday next week, my friend’s bridal shower next month and my dad’s birthday in August. Everyone needs a signature dish, and I think I’ve just found mine.

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