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14 New gluten-free products to watch for in 2015

Us gluten-free folk know how hard it can be to find new foods to enjoy. Expo West, which features the newest in natural products, is a gold mine. I attended this year and have rounded up my best gluten-free finds.

1. Live Soda Kombucha: Refreshing Rhuberry and Pomtastic Blueberry flavors


Kombucha was all the rage at Expo West this year but only one brand really stood out to me. Live Soda kombucha touts all the benefits of traditional kombucha without the unpleasant vinegar taste. Sweetened only with stevia and naturally effervescent, this is not only a healthy drink but a delicious one as well!

2. TaDah! Falafel Poppers


Oh. My. Goodness! These falafel poppers were hands down the tastiest thing I had at Expo West. Crunchy, traditional-tasting falafel is filled with creamy, lemony roasted garlic hummus, creating a moist Greek treat.

3. Simple Mills almond flour mixes

Vanilla cake, pizza crust and the most delicious banana muffins I have ever enjoyed are only a few great-tasting products from Simple Mills. These mixes are nutritious and absolutely delicious!

4. Toufayan pita chips


You read that right, gluten-free pita chips! This is the first of its kind, and I have to say they nailed it. With a crunchy, thick texture as well as a light, mild flavor, this pita chip is good enough to fool even your gluten-eating friends.

5. Epic uncured bacon bites and pork bars


I have always enjoyed Epic bars but the new pork & pineapple bar tastes like something smoked to perfection over an open fire. The bacon bites will have bacon lovers everywhere rejoicing… finally, bacon on the go!

6. Glutino animal crackers


Oh yes they did! Glutino gave the gluten-free community what they have been begging for in their delicious new animal crackers. Available in both graham and original flavor, I assure you that parents will enjoy them just as much as the kiddos.

7. Modern Table bean pasta meals

Modern Table

We all know how hard cooking can be on those busy weeknights, but cooking healthy on top of that? Thanks to Modern Table, folks can enjoy a flavorful, yet nutritious meal in a snap. With new flavors like pesto and mac ‘n’ cheese, the whole family will be pleased.

8. Rudi’s garlic and cheesy toast

Thought thick, chewy garlic bread was a thing of the past since going gluten-free? I did too until the release of Rudi’s new garlic and cheesy toast. They knock it out of the park with both flavor and texture. Serve this next to a pile of homemade gluten-free spaghetti and you will be perfectly satisfied.

 9. KIND Healthy Grains popped salted caramel bars


KIND works hard to develop products that are good for you as well as ones that taste fantastic. The release of their new Healthy Grains popped salted caramel bars just reiterates how good they are at achieving this. This sweet and salty snack bar is sure to become a new favorite for many.

10. Pamela’s Products grahams


Pamela’s Products has always been the leader in creating gluten-free products that exceed expectations. The new grahams are a fantastic addition to their delicious line. These new treats are available in cinnamon, honey and chocolate as well as in traditional graham cracker size and bite-size morsels.

11. Late July food truck-inspired tortilla chips

Late July’s new line of food truck-inspired chips is bold and flavorful. Bacon habanero, jalapeno lime and nacho chipotle are among the delicious new flavors. They have a great crunch and can be enjoyed on their own or with cool sour cream.

12. Justin’s Organic mini peanut butter cups


All the tasty goodness that is Justin’s peanut butter cups jam packed into a delicious mini version. These mouthwatering sweets are made from better ingredients. Creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate never tasted so good!

13. Matt’s Munchies banana coconut and mango apricot fruit snacks

Matt’s Munchies has been winning people over since they released their premium, real fruit snack squares. The two new flavors, mango apricot and banana coconut, are divine! Just as the package states, they truly do taste like a natural trip to paradise.

14. Made in Nature toasted coconut chips

Coconut chips are another product that is hitting shelves all over the world as the new “it” snack. While most use regular sugar to sweeten the coconut, Made in Nature sweetens its coconut chips with real maple syrup and infuses Madagascar vanilla to create the perfect coconut chip.

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