15 Crazy #BYOCupDay Slurpees you need to see to believe

Apr 9, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Image: Tiffany Hagler-Geard/SheKnows

This Saturday, April 11, is #BYOCupDay at 7-Eleven.

Basically, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., you can bring any container you want and fill it up with Slurpee for just $1.49. The only caveat? The container must fit in a 10-inch circle.

So what should you fill? To get some inspiration, check out the crazy containers people around the world have used on #BYOCupDay in their countries.

1. The biggest Slurpee ever


And you thought size didn't matter.

2. A 5-gallon water container


The folks at the office will be either ecstatic or repulsed when you turn the watercooler into a Slurpee machine.

3. A soccer ball


Nothing rehydrates you after a big game like a soccer ball full of frozen sugar water.

4. A pitcher half your size


Sometimes it's not the vessel itself — it's how big it is in proportion to the person drinking out of it. Let's just say I'm glad I don't have to parent these kids once they've chugged all of that down.

5. A teapot


Because everything is classier if you serve it at teatime.

6. A big pink thermos


Whatever floats your boat, old dude.

7. A utility bucket


I just pray he washed that out first.

8. A rice cooker


At least he didn't actually put it in the horse mask. That is a mask... right?

9. A blender


This actually makes sense. As it melts, you can reblend your Slurpee so everything stays nice and frosty.

10. That random container you use to store office supplies


We've all got one — a random plastic container that is holding a ton of junk. #BYOCupDay is your chance to fill it with something useful.

11. A mini water jug


Not as cool as 5-gallon-water-jug guy, but definitely a lot more practical.

12. A cookie jar


Honestly, it looks like this kid made 3-D art with his artful dispensing of multiple Slurpee flavors into a floral cookie jar. Kudos to him!

13. A majestic water vessel


If you're going to chug 200 ounces of frozen sugar in one go, you may as well do it from a piece of fine pottery.

14. A LEGO 7-Eleven


How very meta.

15. An Android box


Please, God, tell me they took the phone out first.

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