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McDonald’s huge new burger will make you forget the Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s will soon have something even bigger than the ever-popular Quarter Pounder on its menu: the Sirloin Third Pounder. Will you be trying one of its three variations later this month?

The Sirloin Third Pounder, which is already being served in some New York restaurants, will be available nationally on May 11, but only for a limited time.

According to McDonald’s, the new offering will cost around $4.99 and have three variations: Lettuce and Tomato, Bacon and Cheese and Steakhouse. Both the Lettuce and Tomato and the Bacon and Cheese variations will come with red onions and white cheddar cheese, while the Steakhouse will be topped with sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, white cheddar and a creamy peppercorn sauce.

This isn’t actually the first time McDonald’s has offered a bigger burger. Its previous attempt, the Angus Third Pounder, was dropped from the menu in 2013 amid speculation that its price point was too high.

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There’s no word yet on the caloric content of the new sandwich, but if its predecessor is any indication, it could be pretty high, since the Angus Third Pounder with bacon and cheese packed a whopping 760 calories and the Double Quarter Pounder — the go-to sandwich for bigger appetites — comes in at 650 calories without cheese. This hasn’t escaped notice, and at least some people are poking fun in that department:

Even so, with speculation that these newer, “upscale” offerings are hoping to compete with chains like Five Guys, these burgers — which tout “100% North American-sourced” beef and “real and fresh toppings” — could be a hit if they manage to deliver. In either case, at least one person is excited about the Sirloin Third Pounder’s impending arrival:

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