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Taco Bell delivery is about to change your life

Big news for all you Doritos Locos lovers: Taco Bell is testing a delivery service.

Somewhere out there, drunk college me is running in circles around her dorm room and crying tears of happiness (aka “trying to not pass out before the food gets here”).

Finally we might be able to enjoy all of Taco Bell’s increasingly insane offers (Cap’n Crunch donut holes, anyone?) in the comfort of our own homes.

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Found this in the test kitchen. #CapnCrunchDelights

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This will come in especially handy when you’re desperate to try the new Doritos Locos Steakum’Splosion Breakfast Torpedo — or whatever tasty monster they’ve come up with — but are too embarrassed to actually go through the drive-thru (or, God forbid, to the inside counter) to order.

It would also be an amazing way to feed a crowd when your next dinner party turns into a late-night affair. Once everyone has enough chard, you know they’ll be hankering for a Burrito Supreme.

And slumber parties? Check. No longer will you waste precious minutes of your life turning over individual pizza rolls halfway through cooking time, only to have them explode all of their filling onto the baking sheet anyway. The kids will be just as happy with some cheesy Taco Supremes and nachos, leaving you free to sit in your darkened bedroom, watching The Bachelor on the lowest volume and praying that none of the kids has a weak stomach after eating all that fast-food ground beef.

Taco Bell is serious about getting its delivery service right, so it may be a while before it’s available everywhere. They need to check important things, like how long a burrito can stay warm, a hard taco stay crunchy and their drunken customers stay awake while waiting for their food. But hopefully it will find out soon, because I could really use a shame-free Chalupa right about now.

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