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This ultimate beer and baseball food chart is a dream come true

Baseball season is finally here, and we all know that the only thing better than the game itself is relaxing with an ice-cold beer and some indulgent stadium food!

Luckily the folks at Let’s Grab a Beer have created a handy chart so that when the craving hits, you can pair your drink perfectly to the snack of your choice.

baseball stadium food and beer pairing chart

Image: Let’s Grab a Beer

Can’t make it to a game? No problem — you can enjoy your own stadium-inspired pairings at home too.

1. Japanese lager and tuna roll sushi

spicy tuna handroll

Image: Bev Cooks

These spicy tuna rolls can be eaten with your hands, making them a nice, no-fuss snack when you’re catching the big game. Try pairing with an ice-cold Sapporo.

2. European Pilsner and barbecue steak sandwich

bbq beef sandwich

Image: The Recipe Rebel

This quick weeknight recipe for sweet and smoky barbecue beef pairs perfectly with a crisp Pilsner. Try Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic.

3. India pale ale and pastrami sandwich

homemade smoked pastrami sandwich

Image: Lady and Pups

Salty, spiced pastrami with mustard can hold its own against a hoppy IPA. Try one from San Diego’s Stone Brewing Co.

4. Bavarian wheat beer and pulled pork

blue moon pulled pork

Image: Girl Likes to Eat

Wheat beer is the perfect complement to tender barbecue pulled pork. In fact, this pulled pork recipe is made with Blue Moon. Just make sure you grab a second one to enjoy while you eat.

5. American dark lager and rib-eye sandwich recipe

ribe eye steak sandwich

Image: Simone’s Kitchen

This hearty rib-eye sandwich should be washed down with a nice American dark lager. Try Shiner Bock.

6. American light lager and Southwestern hot dog recipe

mexican hot dog

Image: Hilah Cooking

On a hot spring day, what could be better than baseball, a Southwestern hot dog with bacon and all the fixin’s and an ice-cold light lager? Pretty much nothing! Try these dogs with a frosty Sam Adams Light.

7. American Amber lager and barbecue stuffed potatoes

bbq chicken stuffed baked sweet potato

Image: Ari’s Menu

The malty sweetness of an American Amber lager, like Magic Hat Vinyl, is just the thing to accompany a hearty barbecue chicken-stuffed baked sweet potato.

8. Mexican lager and street-style tacos

gimme some oven barbacoa tacos

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Barbacoa tacos, a Mexican beer like Victoria and baseball are all you need for a perfect day.

9. British pale ale and philly cheesesteak

philly cheesesteak

Image: Damn Delicious

This bomb of meaty goodness can be balanced by a nice, medium-bodied British pale ale like Bass Ale.

10. American premium lager and chili cheese dog

oven baked chili cheese dogs

Image: Life in the Lofthouse

These oven-baked chili cheese dogs are perfect for serving a crowd, and a six-pack of an American premium lager like Session from Full Sail Brewing goes a long way too.

11. Tropical lager and Cuban sandwich

cuban sandwich

Image: Hapa Nom-Nom

These Cuban sandwiches, paired with a lager like Cerveza La Tropical from Florida Beer Company, are a total home run.

12. American premium lager and cheeseburger

chargrilled burger

Image: Scrumptious

This triumvirate of American classics — baseball, a cheeseburger and a beer — is practically perfect. Try pairing Uinta’s Baba Black Beer with your char-grilled burger for a truly transcendent experience.

13. American light lager and nachos

ultimate nachos

Image: I Wash… You Dry

A Bud Light and the ultimate nachos are proof that food doesn’t need to be fancy to be hella delicious.

14. Belgian white and sausage-pepper sandwich

sausage and peppers sandwich

Image: A Teaspoon of Happiness

A crisp Belgian-style white beer, often spiced with coriander, is the perfect complement to a sausage sandwich. Try Allagash White out of Portland, Maine.

15. German Pilsner and giant pretzel

giant soft pretzels

Image: Jo Cooks

A soft, salty, giant, homemade pretzel will beat the socks off any you can get at a stadium, especially if you’ve got a German-style Pilsner like Scrimshaw from North Coast Brewing Co. to go along with it.

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