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Amateur chef produces mouth-watering dishes you’ll want to eat

When someone has talent, sometimes they just need a push from a good friend to really know how capable they are of taking their talent to the next level. Thanks to a good friend and social media, Jasmine might just get the push she needs to open a bistro.

Imgur user jasoneats posted a gallery of perfectly styled and delicious-looking food. The gallery is titled “Jasmine’s bistro idea” and includes the description “My friend wants to open a bistro. I told her I’ll find out what reddit thinks of her cooking.” We’re not entirely sure what Reddit thinks, but if we had a vote, we’d tell Jasmine to go for it. Here are just a few reasons:

Because she can make beans look gourmet

Black bean sopes

Image: jasoneats/Imgur

Because I’ve never craved corn more in my entire life


Image: jasoneats/Imgur

Because even her tacos look like art


Image: jasoneats/Imgur

Because she probably just whipped this up on a Tuesday after work

Braised lamb

Image: jasoneats/Imgur

Because pork

Pork with herb sauce

Image: jasoneats/Imgur

What do you think? Should Jasmine open a bistro? Let us know in the comments section below.

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