Do you know what your favorite fruits look like? (QUIZ)

How well do you really know exotic fruits? This quiz is so hard we’re not sure a chef could pass it. Can you?

Every time we turn around, it seems there’s a new trendy fruit (most of which don’t grow in the U.S.) being added to our favorite fruit-flavored beverages. But do you even know what most of those things look like? Think you can guess? Take this quiz to find out if you’re a fruit guru.

Images: Electricity Mule/Flickrshyb/Flickr, massdistraction/Flickr, dotpolka/Flickr, Tatters/Flickr, David Kracht/Flickr, arsheffield/Flickr, Stefanvds(.com)/Flickr, Sandy Austin/Flickr, sweetbeetandgreenbean/Flickr, tutincommon/Flickr, Alex Popovkin, Bahia, Brazil/Flickr, esimpraim/Flickr, arsheffield/Flickr, jespahjoy/Flickr

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