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Eatable News: Automatic Jell-O shot machines, mini Pop-Tart cereal and more


This week’s Eatable News covers a lot of ground, from an automatic Jell-O shot machine that I might be a little too excited about, to adorably tiny Pop-Tart cereal, PB&J hot dogs, your face on a chocolate Easter egg and more.

Catch up on all the fun, crazy, head-scratching food news you missed, and don’t forget to check out last week’s most drool-worthy stories. (Psst… it involves a gummy bear bed.)

1. Your face on a chocolate Easter egg

easter egg face

Image: Ann Charlott Ommedal

If you were just thinking that Easter was missing an egg in the shape of your face, you’re in luck. Bompas & Parr will scan your face and create a 3-D printed mold that can be used to create (slightly unsettling) likenesses of yourself in chocolate egg form. Their Eat My Face service doesn’t come cheap, though. According to Food & Wine, it’ll set you back about $4,800. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for chocolate face eggs for the rest of your life.

2. The Jevo (otherwise known as the best invention ever)

jevo pods

Image: Jevo

Attention! In what could be the best news I’ve heard all week, an automatic Jell-O shot machine could be coming to a bar near you.

The Jevo is a genius contraption with flavor pods that mass produce 20 chilled edible shots in 10 minutes and is sure to make you nostalgic for your high school college days. Now if I could just get one of these to sit next to my Keurig…

3. Tang toast… Say what?

If anyone could make Tang trendy and gourmet, it’s Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar. (You know, creator of the legendary Crack Pie.) She took the artisanal toast trend and gave it a retro vibe with a generous sprinkling of Tang. With margarine, of course. Real butter is specifically against the rules in this case. Go big or go home, right?

4. Homemade mini Pop-Tart cereal

pop tart cereal

Image: Public Lives, Secret Recipes

I hereby nominate Caitlin from Public Lives, Secret Recipes as creator of the best morning ever with her mini Pop-Tart cereal. Not only is this breakfast treat adorable, but she says the dough tastes like sugar cookies. If I have to spell it out for you, that gives you a legitimate reason to eat cookies for breakfast, and that, my friends, means we all should send Caitlin a thank-you note.

5. The prank I so wished was real

turn and churn

Image: Amazon

This week was full of pranks, but when this popped up in my Twitter feed, I so badly wanted it to be real. And from the looks of the reviews, I’m not the only one: “I guess the jokes on me for not reading the description very well. I had no idea I was ordering an empty box.” The best road trip I could possibly imagine includes ice cream every 32 miles. Someone invent a real Turn & Churn , stat!

6. $26,000 cheese slicer stolen

I’ll give you a moment to get over the shock of the words “$26,000” and “cheese slicer” being used together. OK, ready? This incredibly expensive cheese slicer, complete with diamond cuff, was stolen from the Amsterdam Cheese Museum. If you happen to know a guy who knows a guy and are the lucky one to return it, you’ll get the world’s largest cheese fondue set as a reward. Yes, seriously.

7. Bacon-wrapped, Doritos-crusted onion rings, just because

onion rings

Image: Dude Foods

Before you write off these glorious onion rings as being unhealthy, I have good news for you: They’re baked. Which, if you’re me, means that since they’re not deep-fried, I can eat all the bacon-wrapped, Doritos-crusted goodies I want. (I pick and choose when to be rational. Don’t judge.)

8. So that’s how those are made

These giant Imperial Easter Eggs from Betty’s stand almost 20 inches high and weigh a whopping 11 pounds. But watching how they’re made is the real treat. See for yourself.

9. Food mashup of the week

Yesterday was #PBJDay, and to celebrate, Fancy Franks made a peanut butter and jelly hot dog. Why wouldn’t they? It just might be the perfect combination of salty and sweet and… meaty? I’ll reserve further judgment until I try one.

10. Drool-worthy recipe of the week

honey shrimp skillet

Image: The Cooking Jar

This week’s Most Mouthwatering Recipe award goes to The Cooking Jar and her luscious honey-garlic shrimp skillet. I actually made this dish for dinner and can vouch not only for its simplicity (five ingredients and 20 minutes, people!) but also its amazingness. Make it tonight. You won’t be sorry.

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