Taco Tuesday comes but once a week — but when you have some super-spicy and delicious taco meat left over, the day is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Let's be real; we could eat tacos every night of the week, so it seems silly to limit it to one measly meal.

And if you have something against leftovers, we swear you're still going to devour these recipes. They aren't just a copy of what you had on the first night, but instead turn the taco meat into something totally new.

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1. Soft tacos with ground beef

Image: Nancy Foster/SheKnows

I started with this delicious recipe for soft tacos with ground beef, but you can re-create your taco night leftovers by adding different spices and toppings.

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A version of this article was originally published in April 2015.

2. Taco lettuce wraps

Image: Skinny Taste

Although ground turkey is used here, I think these taco lettuce wraps are just as tasty with ground beef. Remind you of P.F. Chang's famous lettuce wraps, don't they?

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3. Sloppy Joe tacos

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Another way to re-create your taco leftovers is by turning up the heat and making some sloppy Joe tacos. What's better than a true marriage of flavors?

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4. Taco pie

Image: All Day I Dream About Food

One of our SheKnows Experts, Carolyn Ketchum, created this taco pie for her blog. Bonus: It's low-carb(!) and ridiculously easy, to boot.

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5. Creamy Mexican dip

Image: The Weary Chef

Maybe you're throwing a party this weekend. Or maybe you're just dying for an excuse to eat a whole bag of tortilla chips. Just say "hello" to this creamy Mexican dip! No judgments.

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6. Taco grilled cheese

Image: Art and the Kitchen

Don't be fooled by this burger-looking sandwich. It's actually a taco grilled cheese! I know, I know. This must be what heaven tastes like.

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7. Loaded tots

Image: The Good Stuff

Our love affair with tater tots will never die. And what's better than having your tots along with your leftovers? Loaded tater tots are just what we've all been waiting for.

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8. Taco casserole

Image: Oh My Veggies

Although this recipe is technically vegetarian, I say skip a can of beans, and load this cheesy taco casserole with some of that leftover ground beef instead. Yum!

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9. Stuffed zucchini

Image: Katrina Runs for Food

If you're really looking to impress some guests this weekend or simply love stuffed zucchini (and who doesn't?), these taco-stuffed zucchini are simply irresistible.

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10. Tamale pie

Image: Pinch of Yum

Carnitas, schmarnitas! I'm loving this taco tamale pie much better with the addition of my ground beef leftovers. I can't resist an excuse to make an easy dinner.

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11. Cheesy chili mac

Image: Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Macaroni and cheese: Need I say more? OK, fine. This cheesy chili mac and cheese uses all the ingredients to make a chili, but it'll go great with your taco leftovers, too.

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12. Cheesy lasagna cupcakes

Image: Chelsea Lords/SheKnows

You've got two options here: Take your taco meat, and turn it into these adorable cheesy lasagna cupcakes, or go wild, and use the recipe for quinoa enchilada cupcakes, but sub the quinoa for meat. Voilà!

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13. Taco pizza

Image: A Mindful Mom

I am unabashedly a huge pizza lover. As a New Yorker, I basically have to be. So when I saw this recipe for a taco pizza, I basically turned into one of those cartoon characters with hearts in my eyes. True story.

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14. Stuffed bell pepper

Image: Half Her Size

Want a really easy lunch with those taco leftovers? Then look no further than this simple taco-stuffed bell pepper. What more could we really ask for?

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15. Taco crescents

Image: Plain Chicken

Another appetizer winner is these taco crescents. I simply love the idea of using simple croissant dough to re-create leftovers in a truly unique way. Plus, they make a fantastic snack!

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16. Taco lasagna

Image: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Sometimes in life, the answer to anything is lasagna. Whenever I'm thinking of cooking on Sundays, I always think of making this hearty dish. And why not spice things up with a taco lasagna this time?

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17. Taco chili salad

Image: Loaves n Dishes

Although this recipe technically calls for leftover chili, I think it's just as lovely with leftover taco meat. After all, it wouldn't be a taco salad without some taco flavor, right?

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18. Tex-Mex Egg McMuffin

Image: College Recipe Café

Who says leftovers can't turn into a fantastic breakfast? That's the idea behind this Tex-Mex Egg McMuffin. It's simple and delicious, the only things breakfast should ever be.

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19. Taco leftovers chili

Image: Better Yum

Last, but definitely not least, is the magic that comes from transforming your taco leftovers into truly delicious and easy chili. All you need is some extra seasoning, and you're set!

Image: Yvonna Groom/Sheknows

A version of this article was originally published in April 2015.