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6 Reasons more restaurants need to serve breakfast all day

Is there anything more perfect than pancakes and bacon? Or melted cheese with scrambled eggs? Ham atop a biscuit?

I think not, and McDonald’s agrees. They’re starting to test all-day breakfast in select locations. So why haven’t other restaurants hopped on the waffle train? I have no idea, but here are six reasons they should definitely get on board.

1. Because post-work hash browns need to be a thing.

breakfast potatoes

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Happy hour is great and everything, but sometimes after a rough day at work, all you really want is to eat fried breakfast potatoes in bed.

2. And brunch should be a weeklong event.

waffles gif

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How often do you actually have time to stop for breakfast on your way to work? All-day breakfast would mean your lunch break could become a brunch break, which would make your whole day feel more chill.

3. Nothing perks you up like a cinnamon roll at 3 p.m.

waking up abruplty

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When you start getting sleepy at 3 p.m. and are ready to give up on your day/life, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get a hot, fresh cinnamon roll to awaken your senses? Sure, it’s not as healthy as a granola bar, but the morale boost it provides will be worth it.

4. Breakfast for dinner would be so, so easy.

leslie knope breakfast quote

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Fast-food burgers for dinner feel like a cop-out. Fast-food pancakes? Suddenly you’re irreverent and fun. Breakfast for dinner heals all wounds.

5. Sometimes you just need eggs Benny at 5 p.m.

eggs benedict gif

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The day after your birthday, March 18, New Year’s Day… Is there anything worse than waking up with a raging hangover and not being able to get your hands on a nice, greasy breakfast? We the people deserve to have ham and eggs at whatever time of the day our bodies require it.

6. And just bacon in general.

chandler bing dancing on bacon

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There’s something to be said about adding bacon to other foods, but why in God’s name isn’t it available in its purest form 24/7? Every meal should be able to come with a side of bacon, not just breakfast.

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