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Take your afternoon tea up a notch with these Easter treats


For the perfect Easter afternoon tea create a range of tasty nibbles that your guests won’t be able to get enough of. Incorporate an Easter theme, keep it colourful and remember: the sweeter the better.

Rabbit wafer sandwiches

Too cute to eat? Almost. But the chocolate buttercream filling might make them impossible to say no to.

Easter bunny wafers

Photo credit: La receta de la felicidad

Pastel meringue nests

By adding edible gel paste in the colour of your choice you can make your meringues match your table decor. Give these delicate nests a seasonal twist by adding fondant feathers.

Easter meringue nests

Photo credit: Sweetapolita

Chocolate bunnies

Make your Easter wafer bunnies even tastier with a generous coating of chocolate and don’t forget the mini marshmallows for the fluffy tails.

Easter bunny chocolate biscuits

Photo credit: Hungry Happenings

Easter Egg cake balls

A basket of Easter Egg cake balls easily doubles up as a pretty centrepiece for your afternoon tea table. They’re also perfect if you want a fairly healthy Easter treat as they’re made with egg whites and fat-free Greek yoghurt.

Easter egg cake balls

Photo credit:

Carrot chocolate covered strawberries

The combination of icing, chocolate and strawberries makes these pudding cups a winner — they’re guaranteed to make your guests smile.

Carrot strawberry pudding cups

Photo credit: Lil’ Luna

Cheesecake cookies

If you want to give your usual cheesecake recipe a twist use it as a cookie filling. Incredibly easy to make, incredibly hard to resist.

Cookies with cheesecake filling

Photo credit: Couponing and Cooking

Cookie dough truffles

These chocolate-dipped cookie dough truffles look so fancy you’ll be able to pass them off as store-bought.

Cookie dough Easter truffles

Photo credit: Wine and Glue

Strawberry lemon zest mousse

Serving your strawberry mousse in lemon “cups” adds pops of colour to your table.

Strawberry lemon zest mousse cups

Photo credit: Apron Strings

Rice cereal Easter Eggs

Ditch the traditional cake stand and go for a crispy rice cereal Easter Egg tree instead. These treats are super easy to make but look fabulous — and the kids will love them.

Rice Krispie egg tree stand

Photo credit: Sand and Sisal

Iced bunnies

If you’re ready to get adventurous with your icing give your bunny biscuit a polka dot coating.

Iced bunny Easter cookies

Photo credit: Ana Rosa/Tumblr

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