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Our new YouTube channel is bringing you all the best recipes

When it comes to good old-fashioned food porn and great recipes, we know that SheKnows is your daily destination. But did you hear that we now have a pretty fantastic new YouTube channel as well?

SheKnows Eats

Not sure why you should be following yet another channel on YouTube? Well, let me tell you why SheKnows Eats is sure to become your favorite new food video destination.

1. There’s a new video every Wednesday!

Every week, we present you with a brand-new video featuring genius recipes, kitchen hacks, food crafts and more. You don’t want to miss out on all of the deliciousness we’ve got to offer.

2. Get inspired to use ingredients in new ways.

Our 1 Ingredient, 5 Ways series is the perfect way for you to take those go-to ingredients and re-create them in new ways. If you’ve missed it, don’t forget to catch up! And stay tuned for more.

3. Indulge in great cocktails and fun food crafts.

Some of our classic videos are simply can’t-miss and great for the upcoming warmer months. Haven’t you always wanted to learn how to make the perfect mint julep or ice cream cone cupcakes?

4. Learn proper cooking methods for your favorite foods.

No matter how comfortable you are in the kitchen, there’s always something new to learn. My latest conquest: poached eggs! There are plenty of basics and easy methods you don’t want to miss.

5. Plus: A very special new series coming soon…

I don’t want to give anything away, but we have a very special new series coming very soon. It will thrill and awe you. It will make you rethink food. It will, for lack of a better term, simply make you geek out.

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