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These racist cupcakes are simply unacceptable (PHOTO)

I love cupcakes just as much as the next person — probably even more. There are endless designs that can be made with cupcakes, and Cupcake Wars can prove it. But this French baker took it to the extreme.

A baker in southern France was forced to remove these racist cupcakes of a naked man and a naked woman with protruding genitals, made out of dark chocolate. The case was taken to court after the Representative Council for Black Association (CRAN) requested the cupcakes be banned after a resident complained. The court ruled that the cupcakes be banned from the display window because they were “inciting racial hatred.” The town was ordered to pay a fine to CRAN, but the baker is still allowed to bake the cupcakes because the court found “no malicious will” on the baker’s part.

The baker, Yannick Tavolaro, wrote on his Facebook page after the court hearing that the cupcakes were supposed to have a sign that said “castrated by censorship,” and cited freedom of expression as the reason he would continue baking them.

While freedom of expression is a right we are fortunate to have, it is not an excuse for racism. In fact, there is no excuse for racism. At all.

While many obstacles have been overcome to achieve the level of equality and acceptance we have now, it clearly is not enough. For years, the issue of racism and equality was put on the back burner, as people became content but also complacent. However, cases such as these cupcakes and the fraternity that closed a chapter because of racist comments have brought the issue of racism back into the spotlight.

As for these cupcakes, I can’t stand to look at them, and they should just be banned.

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