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Brace yourselves: Nando’s have added FOUR new dishes to their menu


Our favourite peri-peri chicken spot is expanding its menu at the end of March meaning we might be forced into trying something different on our next Nando’s outing.

All Nando’s fans know the score. You just order the same thing every time, right? You might tell yourself you’re going to have a chicken leg instead of a breast, a pitta instead of a wrap, or even mix it up with hot spice instead of lemon and herb, but how often does that happen? For hardcore Nando’s fans, it’s far more likely that you reel off your order without even looking at the menu.

Well it might be time to step out of your lemon and herb comfort zone as the Portuguese-style restaurant chain has vamped up its menu. Don’t worry you can still order a Wing Roulette and a Butterfly Burger but four brand new dishes are joining all the old favourites.

Nando's launches new menu with four new dishes

Photo credit: Nando’s

Clockwise, from top left:

Churrasco Thigh Burger: succulent, boneless thigh fillets served in a Portuguese roll with new crunchy Fino Coleslaw, cheddar cheese and tasty churrasco PERinaise.

Fino Coleslaw: “Nando’s crunchiest coleslaw ever” with fresh spring greens, beetroot and carrot mixed in a lightly spiced yoghurt dressing.

Quinoa Salad: Sweet potato, avocado slices and feta cheese on a bed of crisp salad leaves.

Sweet Potato Wedges: Five roasted sweet potato wedges with creamy coriander and a sesame and roasted seed dip.

Yep, tummies are rumbling. No guesses where we’re going this weekend.

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