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Taco Bell makes dreams come true with new crispy chicken items

Taco Bell is bringing fried chicken to its menu, and it’s the most perfect fast-food harmony imaginable.

In fact, when I heard the blessed news, I was at first shocked to realize that crispy chicken wasn’t already on the menu. Because it makes total sense.

Better yet, wait until you hear how it’s made: White meat chicken is breaded in tortilla chips, then crisped up. Tortilla chips, people! (This gives me hope that someday in the bright future Doritos Locos crispy chicken will be a thing.)

You can get a taste of the new crispy chicken in The Chickstar, which is basically a Crunchwrap; Crispy Chicken Grillers, which is another grilled wrap option; and (brace yourself) the Double Crispy Chicken Quesadilla, which basically sounds like the stuff fast-food dreams are made of. It will also be available in the crispy chicken Biscuit Taco.

The new crispy chicken items launch today, March 26, and will be available for around $4. They’ll be complemented by a selection of three new sauces: mango BBQ, creamy chipotle and bacon ranch. Hungry yet? Better get to that drive-thru now — the crispy chicken is available for a limited time only.

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