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Italian sausage leftovers: 10 Recipes that go beyond just pasta

One of my absolute favorite ways to save money when shopping for groceries is to take a look at the weekly deals. I’m not one to buy something just because it’s on sale, but I turn into a giddy mess when one of my favorite products is up for grabs.

sausage broccoli rabe bowties

Which is why, of course, I ended up with a few too many packages of sweet Italian sausage this week. As I’m sure you would too, the first thing I opted to make was a sausage and pasta dish. And man, did my sausage and broccoli rabe bowties pasta turn out well! But now what?

When it comes to using up my leftover Italian sausage, I didn’t really want to go for another pasta dish. And although I’m a big fan of freezing certain foods to help them last longer, I wanted to have my sausage fresh. Typically I love to use sausage in breakfast dishes, like an egg and potato scramble or some paleo-friendly sausage and egg muffins. But I didn’t want to wait until the weekend to make something special. No, I needed a great (and easy) weeknight recipe today.

First, I remembered a friend telling me about a cheesy sweet potato casserole with vegetarian sausage, which I would, of course, substitute with my sweet Italian sausage instead. Then, briefly, I considered making something a little healthier, like a quinoa, green bean and sausage bake or maybe a spinach and sausage couscous dish. I even considered making some super-simple skinny Italian sausage and peppers but ultimately decided I wanted something heartier.

At first I thought about making some sausage cheddar balls. How good would those be served on some skewers with grilled veggies? But ultimately it’s not quite the season for them. Then I drooled over sausage-stuffed kabocha squash. Though with squash not being in season at the moment, I opted to bookmark this recipe for later. In the end, I knew exactly what I was craving: sausage pizza tacos!

Seriously, who doesn’t love tacos?

I think I could eat them all day, every day, and I love that this is a creative way to combine Italian flavors in a Mexican dish. Food mashups can often be the best part of cooking, and these sausage pizza tacos are sure to be nothing short of amazing.

At the very least, I know I won’t get bored with all my sweet Italian sausage leftovers. And I know you won’t either.

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