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Peet’s shames Starbucks for not using fresh brewed coffee in Frappuccinos


Today I learned that most frozen coffee drinks don’t have real, honest-to-goodness brewed coffee in them. That sound you heard was my mind being blown.

Peet’s Coffee introduced a new frozen drink today — the Javiva — and along with it threw some serious shade at other coffee chains for not using fresh brewed coffee in their own frozen concoctions.

They’re calling out their competitors, like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, by emphasizing that the Javiva contains actual brewed coffee, and it’s pretty genius. Peet’s chief marketing officer Tyler Ricks told The New York Times, “… as we talked to consumers, we realized they had the impression everyone else was using fresh coffee, and that’s not the case.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been going along this whole time thinking that frozen coffee drinks had, you know, coffee in them. Silly me.

In place of fresh brewed coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts says they use coffee extract in their Coolattas to “maintain product consistency,” while a Starbucks spokesperson said that they use Frappuccino Roast, “a blend of soluble coffee made from 100 percent Arabica beans crafted specially for our Frappuccino beverages.”

Soluble coffee is otherwise known as instant coffee, and something that I personally believe should only be used in case of the apocalypse.

Sure, I selectively choose when I want to get on my high horse about not eating processed junk food, faux cheese and other less desirable ingredients, but when I want my coffee, I want real coffee, damn it. So thank you, Peet’s, for bringing this to my attention. I can now get on my high horse about this too.

Tell us: Do you care what kind of coffee is in your frozen drinks, or is coffee coffee?

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