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The Ramen Burrito and 6 more crazy ramen combos you need to try


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For a lot of people, ramen is the ultimate comfort food. So why not add it to a bunch of other comfort foods too? These awesome mashups prove that ramen — whether stuffed inside a burrito or hidden in a pot pie — is the quintessential comfort food ingredient.

1. The Ramen Burrito

California Tortilla’s Ramen Burrito packs in noodles with the meat of your choice, sweet chili sauce, corn and other goodies, all wrapped in a tortilla. It’s double the carbs, double the fun.

2. Ramen pot pie

Ramen pot pie combines all the goodness of a bowl of jacked-up ramen (soft-boiled egg, veggies, pork belly) with the comfort of pot pie (flaky crust, anyone?). Basically, you should make some — like, now.

3. Ramen grilled cheese

ramen grilled cheese

Who needs bread when you can have slabs of ramen instead? Literally no one. This recipe also has bacon and cheese, making it basically the ultimate comfort food.

4. Ramen burger

ramen veggie burger

This time ramen makes an appearance as a bun for a veggie burger! Who said vegetarian cuisine had to be boring?

5. Ramen pad thai

ramen pad thai

Image: Imgur

It’s called college pad thai, and when you’re desperate for a noodle fix, it can really hit the spot. All you need is peanut butter, ramen and Sriracha sauce, and you’re on your way to a happy tummy.

6. Ramen quesadilla

Pretty much the best post-bar snack you can easily make at home. Probably won’t have one of these every day, but for a special treat now and then? Yeah, this is going on the menu.

7. Chocolate-covered ramen ice cream sandwiches

ramen ice cream

Image: Full Thyme Student

Don’t forget about dessert! Who says ramen has to be savory after all? In this ramen noodle ice cream sandwich, the noodles are kept uncooked and add a pleasing crunchy element to your dessert.

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