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These Low-FODMAP Recipes Make the Lifestyle Way Easier to Enjoy

15. Espresso-crusted, pan-seared steak recipe

Low-FODMAP recipes
Image: Food Well Said

I like this recipe because you don’t need to fire up the grill to enjoy a nice piece of steak. It calls for chili powder, so make sure you purchase one that is FODMAP-friendly, as some packaged spices have garlic added. The green onions are OK, but only the green parts, so don’t eat the white.

16. Quinoa tabbouleh with feta recipe

Quinoa Tabbouleh with Feta
Image: Two of a Kind

Take all the fixings of a proper salad, add quinoa and feta, and congratulations: You have a protein- and vitamin-filled meal. Remember, when using the green onion, you can only eat the green parts — no white.

17. Carrot-banana muffins recipe

Low-FODMAP recipes
Image: Lauren Renlund

I love these muffins because they keep for a while in Tupperware, making them last for days. Have them in the morning with your tea or coffee or as a nighttime snack before bed.

18. BLT bites recipe

BLT Bites
Image: Taste of Home

These stuffed tomatoes pack a mouthful of flavors in every bite. I love to make these as an appetizer option when I’m hosting a party or to bring them to a party I’m attending. To keep it FODMAP friendly, be sure you’re buying plain bacon and not honey smoked or any other flavors.

19. Coconut-lime quinoa breakfast bowl recipe

Coconut Lime Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Image: Clean Food Dirty Girl

Breakfast is the kickoff point to your entire day. When you start it off right, the rest will unfold in your favor. This recipe keeps you fueled up for hours thanks to its high-quality plant protein and abundance of fiber.

20. Pop-Tarts recipe

pop tarts
Image: Jennifer May/SheKnows

Yes, you read that right: Pop-Tarts! These gluten-free and low-FODMAP treats will bring back the nostalgia of morning breakfasts past. Be sure to use milk you can tolerate (rice and almond are options).

21. Buffalo-style pork chops recipe

Buffalo Pork Chops
Image: The Iron You

Four ingredients and 15 minutes give you these pork chops, served with a kick. Pair with steamed green beans or a side salad. When I make these, I’ll double ingredients so I have leftovers. I’ve also substituted the pork for chicken, and it’s just as yummy!

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An important note: Portion sizes and ingredients that might be OK for one person might not be OK for another. When starting the elimination part of the low-FODMAP diet, it is essential that you are educated, that you follow portion size rules and that you consider consulting a professional to help you through the process. As mentioned, updated research comes from Monash University, and they are one of the best online resources to visit. Keep in mind that these recipes were not necessarily created by those who follow a FODMAP diet but who happen to be low-FODMAP. Therefore, some ingredients and portion sizes will have to change accordingly.

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Image: A Little Bit Yummy, Lisa Valinsky/Design: Liz Smith/SheKnows

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