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These Low-FODMAP Recipes Make the Lifestyle Way Easier to Enjoy

8. Greek chicken salad recipe

Greek Chicken Salad
Image: Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen

If you’re looking for a way to use your leftover chicken for lunches over the course of a few days, look no further. This combination of ingredients with a nod to Greek flavor is great over a bed of greens or on some gluten-free bread.

9. Salmon with broccoli recipe

Salmon with broccoli
Image: Snack Girl

This one-pan, healthy dinner recipe is perfect when you’re in a rush (and hate to clean up). Be mindful of your serving size of the broccoli to keep it FODMAP friendly.

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10. Gluten-free pasta recipe

gluten free zucchini pasta
Image: Cook Eat Paleo

This FODMAP-friendly roundup wouldn’t be fair without the mention of zucchini pasta, or zoodles, as they’re affectionately named. Since the vegetable is gluten-free and packed full of nutrients, it is a lighter option than gluten-free pasta.

11. Pumpkin pancakes recipe

Pumpkin Pancakes
Image: The Petite Professional

Whether or not it’s pumpkin season, these delectable pancakes make for a yummy breakfast or snack item. They’re perfectly paired with maple syrup or a bit of peanut butter.

12. Summer salads, 2 ways

Summer salads
Image: Maria Provenzano

If you’re having a summer barbecue and craving some healthy side salads, go straight for the cucumbers and the squash. The squash and cilantro salad uses the same citrus dressing as the cucumber one, so you won’t have to spend too much more time creating both dishes.

13. Bone broth recipe

Bone Broth
Image: la Bella Via

Making a soup on a low-FODMAP diet can prove to be difficult, since most broths call for onion or garlic. This bone broth recipe can act as the base of many of those soup recipes and even stands as a soup on its own. Add some FODMAP-friendly veggies, and you’ve got yourself a meal. Note: The acceptable portion size for an avocado is 1/8, so be mindful of that.

14. Rosemary polenta fries recipe

Rosemary Polenta Fries
Image: EA Stewart

These “fries” are made as easily as cutting, brushing, sprinkling and baking. You can buy the premade polenta at your local supermarket, making this side dish or snack an easy option during mealtime.

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