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18 Easter Desserts That Kids and Adults Will Love

If the mere thought of all those irritating little Peeps faces staring at you from those silly dioramas makes you want to squish something, we really can’t blame you. How about one of these adorable desserts instead?

1. Bunny butt cupcakes

It’s hard to know who’ll be more impressed with these utterly adorable and a little cheeky bunny butt cupcakes.

2. Easy bunny bark

This Easter bunny bark is so easy to make, and the kids can go crazy with the decorations. The more candy, the better, right?

3. Jelly bean carrot cake

jelly bean carrot cake

Image: TSJ Photography

This is one carrot even the pickiest of veggie haters will eat. This carrot-shaped cake is covered with orange jelly beans to mimic a carrot.

4. Lamb marshmallow pops

lamb marshmallow pops

Image: Sweet Simple Stuff

Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Not on these sweet little treats. These lamb marshmallow pops would be a fun activity with the kids too.

5. Easter basket cupcakes

easter basket cupcakes

Image: Bakerella

What’s better than an Easter basket filled with candy? An edible Easter basket filled with candy! You’re welcome.

6. Bird nest cake

bird nest cake

Image: Blissfully Domestic

The kids will flip for this bird nest cake decorated with chocolate-covered almonds. Better yet, it’s pretty enough to be served at an adult party too.

7. Krispie chocolate Easter egg pops

krispie chocolate easter egg pops

Image: Sweet Simple Stuff

Kids love chocolate, especially when it’s bedazzled to look like an Easter egg. These chocolate Easter egg pops are as fun to eat as they are to make.

8. Easter Bunny cookie pops

easter bunny cookie pops

Image: Bakerella

Transform Oreos into cute bunny pops with white chocolate, pastel candies and a little creativity.

9. Cake mix Rice Krispies Treats

cake mix rice krispies treat pops

Image: Your Cup of Cake

If you’re tired of the same old Rice Krispies Treats, you’ll love these cake mix Rice Krispies Treats in the shape of eggs.

10. Easter Bunny Macarons

easter bunny macarons

Image: Raspberri Cupcakes

As if macarons weren’t showstopping enough, making them into happy little bunnies makes them all the sweeter.

11. Carrot cake pops

carrot cake pops

Image: Bakerella

Sweet and simply decorated, these adorable carrot cake pops will have you smiling too.

12. Carrot patch cupcake

carrot patch cupcakes

Image: Frog Prince Paperie

Cute little carrot patch cupcakes are a creative way to deliver a unique Easter dessert.

13. Easter chick Oreo pops

easter chick oreo pops

Image: Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen

These freshly hatched Easter chick Oreo pops are still covered in little bits of nonpareil “eggshell.”

14. Bunny cookie lolly

bunny cookie loly

Image: Cake Journal

These fuzzy bunny cookie lollipops are decorated with some skillfully squeezed icing for fur.

15. Easter chick cookies

easter chick cookies

Image: Diamonds for Dessert

You probably won’t be able to let anyone eat these precious Easter chick cookies that put that box of Peeps to shame.

16. Easter chick macarons

easter chick macarons

Image: Sweet Explorations

It will be hard to miss these bright yellow Easter chick macarons, which seem too sweet to be made from lemon curd.

17. Easter surprise pudding pops

easter surprise pudding pops

Imagine the kids’ surprise when they lick their way to a candy Easter bunny surprise inside these frozen pudding pops.

18. Easier Easter Bunny marshmallow pops

easy easter bunny marshmallow pops

Image: Frog Prince Paperie

If you’re really looking for something cute that’s easy enough for your kids to help with, try these adorable Easter Bunny marshmallow pops.

Check out our Easter Pinterest board for more great recipe ideas.


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