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12 Delicious takes on the traditional pot pie

When it is cold outside, I always want comfort food. Something warm and creamy and easy to enjoy. One of my all-time favorite comfort foods is the pot pie. With so many variations, it is easy to make your taste buds happy as you curl up with a warm bowl of chicken, turkey or even macaroni and cheese pot pie! In searching for the best recipes out there, I came across 12 to add to my repertoire.

1. Easy chicken pot pie

Image: Spicy Southern Kitchen

The classic creaminess of a chicken pot pie that you can make at home and enjoy right out of the oven is a recipe we all should have! You can use shredded chicken or chunky chicken and vary the vegetables you include as you tweak your recipe to make it your own!

2. Beef pot pie

Image: Good dinner mom

There is something really comforting about a hot, steamy bowl of beef, vegetables and a warm, flaky crust. Beef pot pies satisfy the heartier craving with tender meats and warm, tasty vegetables. Making it is as easy as a chicken pot pie, but the flavors are deeper and more intense. Enjoy beef pot pie on the coldest nights for that perfect warm dish.

3. Steak & mushroom pot pie

Steak & Mushroom Pot Pie

Image: Simply Delicious Food

A twist on the beef pot pies, the steak & mushroom variety offers a heartier meat and the distinct texture and flavor of mushrooms. This pot pie is perfect for those days when your bones are cold!

4. Vegan chicken pot pie with a flaky phyllo crust

Image: Luminous Vegans

Whether you are vegan or not, a good vegetable pot pie can create flavors you will fall in love with while making sure you get your veggies! I bet you won’t notice the meat missing in this easy, cheater version of a vegan pot pie!

5. Taco pot pie

Image: Plain Chicken

Sometimes you want a Mexican flair for dinner but not the traditional Tex-Mex dish! These taco pot pies will give you the taste you want with a twist that is like no other pot pie! With seasoned beef, fresh veggies and melted cheese, these pot pies will be a hit!

6. Beef and Guinness pot pies

Image: Picture the Recipe

Cooking with beer has been around forever. But when adding a rich, dark beer to a red meat dish, you bring out flavors that will set your tongue a waggin’. This recipe that we found looks to be the richest with the deepest flavors. Sure to please anyone, this meat and veggie pot pie will entice with aromatic flavors!

7. Paleo chicken pot pie

Image: Everyday Maven

I myself am currently on a paleo diet in an effort to reset my system. With more and more research coming out about the benefits of the plan, a paleo recipe that still tastes and feels like a classic comfort food is a must! Check out the tricks included to make this work!

8. Roasted autumn vegetable pot pie

Image: The Candid Appetite

If you are not a vegan but want to have a pot pie that is rich in beautiful vegetables, this is the recipe for you! With fresh herbs, butternut squash and a homemade crust, this ultimate from-scratch recipe looks amazing!

9. Macaroni and cheese pot pie

Image: The Gunny Sack

The kids will go nuts for this twist on a pot pie! With bubbling macaroni and cheese underneath, this concoction will make any mouth water. Topped with a garlic butter crust, comfort food hits its apex for the whole family!

10. Seafood pot pie with puffed pastry

Image: Jam Hands

Now this one I am making this weekend! I, personally, have never heard of a seafood pot pie but this recipe looks amazing! Sure to please the seafarer in you, the puff pastry crust will add to this light but savory comfort dish!

11. Chicken noodle pot pie casserole

Image: Lady Behind The Curtain

Add a twist to your chicken pot pie with noodles! We all love a good chicken and noodle dish but to have it in a pot pie with a warm crust takes it to a new level. This is a great recipe for using up those frozen veggies you have in the fridge too!

12. Quick & easy chicken pot pies

Image: A Day In Motherhood

Everyone needs a super easy recipe that the whole family will love that is easy to make. This recipe is the easiest and takes a can of biscuits, frozen veggies and some chicken! My kids devour these when I make them!

What kind of pot pie recipes are your favorite? Do you have a unique recipe you like to make?

Image: Good Dinner Mom

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