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Eatable News: Tokyo Tower burger, Easter Kit Kats, pizza croutons and more

Each week as I sit down to write Eatable News, I think to myself how fantastic it is that this is actually my job. I’m scouring the internet for crazy, creative, awesome food stories for work(!). It feels like I’m getting away with something. Shh… don’t tell my boss.

This week’s roundup doesn’t disappoint. From insanely tall burgers to wine-filled chocolate Easter bunnies and miniature Ewok cakes, there’s a bit of must-see food news for everyone. And don’t forget to check out what you missed last week.

1. Pizza croutons

pizza croutons

Image: Abby Wang/Spoon University

Earlier this week, I was amazed at this food hack to turn leftover pizza into actual pizza pockets with a waffle iron. And now, in another genius leftovers hack, Spoon University brings us pizza croutons. Since croutons are meant to be eaten on salads, that means pizza croutons are practically health food, right? (Don’t burst my bubble here.)

2. Tokyo Tower burger

If you’re going to call a burger the Tokyo Tower, it had better live up to its name. Japan’s MOS Burger definitely delivers with this obscenely tall, 14-layer creation, and at only 800 yen (about $6.60), it’s quite a steal.

Shockingly, the real thing actually appears to look like the advertisement (which hardly ever happens), so you’d better bring your appetite.

3. The Coca Cola and milk experiment

Besides doing a body good, milk apparently has magical powers when it comes to Coke. Watch very closely at the end of this experiment to see the sorcery that occurs. It’s both mind-blowing and a little creepy, all at the same time.

4. Hollow chocolate Easter Bunny hack

chocolate easter bunny hack

Image: David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

I would like to send my sincere thanks to the folks at Buzzfeed for coming up with the best-ever way to enjoy a hollow chocolate bunny. It involves wine, obviously, and turns that iconic candy into the best wineglass you’ll drink out of this Easter.

5. Easter Kit Kats

easter kit kats

Image: Nestle Japan

With Easter right around the corner, we were bound to start seeing an influx of carrot cake-flavored things, but these carrot-flavored Kit Kats from Japan have me scratching my head. Maybe they’re more cakey and less veggie? Here’s hoping. Now how long until carrot cake Oreos are a reality?

6. Peeps centerpiece

edible peeps centerpiece

Image: Reynolds

As far as Peeps go, I have to admit I’m not a huge fan. But… this edible centerpiece idea is super-cute and super-easy. Being a decidedly uncrafty person, this kind of DIY project is right up my alley. I’d probably eat half a can of frosting, but the Peeps would be safe.

7. The Foodnited States

Add Foodiggity to your list of must-follow Instagram accounts. They’re in the process of creating all 50 states out of food in their Foodnited States series, and they’re pun-derful. My personal favorite: Loueasycheesiana.

8. Ewok mini cakes

Image: Imgur

This week’s award for cutest cake on the whole entire internet goes to these edible Ewoks. Could you bear to cut into them, though? Who am I kidding? Of course I could. It’s cake.

eatable news

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