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17 Deviled egg FAILS to start your spring off laughing


Spring, more than any other season, means deviled eggs. What else are you going to do with all those leftover Easter eggs? But as popular as they are, deviled eggs are apparently not so easy to make. Problems with peeling, problems with filling and the failed execution of Pinterest ideas can all lead to hilarious results, as demonstrated here.

1. Proof that peeling the eggs is the hardest part

Hey, they still taste good.

2. More problems with peeling, also transportation issues

Note to self: Keep deviled egg container flat. Those little suckers are slippery.

3. Green eggs belong in Dr. Seuss books

These might not actually be a FAIL; I just really don’t want to eat green eggs.

4. Unfortunate colors for food

Neon green might be worse than dark green, especially when paired with baby blue egg whites. Full disclosure: not a Seahawks fan.

5. A little overboard on the filling

A cautionary tale of using a cheap baggie to pipe in your filling.

6. Apparently a lot of people use cheap baggies

Posted using

Go with the brand names, people.

7. Very sad chicks

Pretty sure those…

deviled egg chicks

…were supposed to look like these. #NailedIt

8. No guesses on this one

Santa? Maybe if you squint really hard.

9. Deviled egg filling doesn’t usually look like that

What even causes that?

10. Did the Tasmanian Devil make these?

Stay calm… they’re just deviled eggs.

11. Open wide… really wide

These are only a FAIL if you don’t like egg on your face.

12. Kids and deviled eggs don’t mix

Probably why kids aren’t waiters. Among other reasons.

13. Deviled eggs delivered to your office

For when you want to scare the pants off your co-workers.

14. Liquid deviled eggs

Something went terribly wrong here.

15. Never try to dislodge the paprika over the eggs

Leave that one for when you’ve had even more wine.

16. Birthday deviled egg

deviled egg

Image: Jennifer Huddleston/Flickr

Someone send this kid a cake.

17. The flowers are a nice touch

deviled egg fail

Image: John Romkey/Flickr

Not sure I can say the same for the stems.

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