16 Cute Easter Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love

At the risk of stating the obvious, we all enjoyed holidays growing up. What’s not to love, right? But let’s be real. Holidays are exponentially more fun when you have kids yourself, and few are more fun than Easter. From the Easter Bunny to egg hunts, it’s the kind of day where little ones lose themselves in wonder and imagination — starting with a cute Easter breakfast. Right, parents?

If you’re anything like us, making special holiday breakfasts has become one of the most joy-filled parts of being a parent. Sure, you might gripe about getting up early to flip pancakes every other day of the year. But there’s simply something so fulfilling about adding this extra special touch to an already special day for your kids.

Besides, the cheery spirit of Easter basically begs for the day to start out with something sweet. Something colorful. Something exuberant. There’s no shortage of inspiration, that’s for sure. Just take a look at the following Easter-themed breakfasts! Your little ones (and, c’mon, you too) will be more than hoppy, er, happy to scarf ‘em down.

1. Easter bunny waffles

Image: Fork and Beans. Fork and Beans.

What Mama doesn’t love whipping up a breakfast that’s quick, easy and healthy? The genius of Fork and Bean’s Easter bunny waffles lies in starting with (gluten-free!) frozen waffles. No muss, no fuss. Add strategically placed fruit, and you’ve got a dish your kids will “ooh” and “ah” over.

2. Healthy Easter egg breakfast pops

Image: Eats Amazing. Eats Amazing.

If you’re already anticipating all of the sugar your kids are going to consume once they did into their Easter baskets, this breakfast is for you. Eats Amazing’s healthy Easter egg breakfast pops still boasts the fun factor (all kids go cuckoo for “cake” pops) but is refreshingly nutritious, too. Bonus? They’re easy to customize, so you can let your kiddos pick out the fruit filling they prefer.

3. Egg in a nest (Easter style)

Image: Barefoot Kitchen Witch. Barefoot Kitchen Witch.

We don’t know about you, but “egg in a nest” was always one of our favorite breakfast foods growing up. It might just be eggs and toast, but there’s something about the egg being cooked from a hole inside the bread that just sort of makes it magical. Barefoot Kitchen Witch gives it a truly fantastical Easter spin by using a bunny cookie cutter to carve a “nest” for your eggies.

4. Cinnamon-sugar Easter bunny twists

Image: It’s Always Autumn. It's Always Autumn.

First of all, can we take a moment to appreciate that — despite adorable and oh-so-impressive — these precious little treats from It’s Always Autumn require only five ingredients? Although, if you really want to start Easter off on a super-sweet note, you could add a sixth ingredient: a drizzle of honey!

5. Healthy strawberry puree with coconut yogurt

Image: The Healthy Tart. The Healthy Tart.

Give your little chickies something to crow about come Easter morn when you serve them, well, little chickies. You’ll want to whip up a batch of The Healthy Tart’s strawberry puree because it’s healthy, vegan, gluten-free and full of good stuff like fiber. And your kids will get a real kick out of having such gosh-darn adorable baby bird faces staring back at them.

6. Italian Easter bread

Image: Garlic Girl. Garlic Girl.

Whether your family bakes this traditional treat every year or you’ve just been dying to try it, Easter morning presents the perfect opportunity for Italian Easter bread. ICYMI, this classic recipe is a homemade sweet bread baked with a colorful Easter egg nestled in the dough. Garlic Girl’s version is simple but delicious, not to mention an ideal size for tiny tummies.

7. Pancake Peeps

Image: Kara’s Party Ideas. Kara's Party Ideas.

When it comes to pleasing kids’ palates, pancakes with syrup are a no-brainer. So are French toast “dippers.” So, why not combine the two? And, even better, why not give them some Easter flair? That’s precisely what Kara’s Party Ideas did by creating pancake “Peeps” made for dippin’.

8. Easter Egg fruit pizza

Image: SugarHero!. SugarHero!.

Sure, you could just serve your kids a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast and call it a day. Or you could claim your title as cool mom by using that fresh fruit to create SugarHero’s delicious — and downright gorgeous — Easter egg pizza. The choice is yours, Mom.

9. Carrot cake cinnamon rolls

Image: Katiebird Bakes. Katiebird Bakes.

Hoppin’ around delivering Easter baskets all night long is hard work, so it’s no big surprise the Easter bunny has one heck of an appetite on Easter morning. And what would he want for breakfast? Carrots, of course! Remind your kids as much when you feed them Katiebird Bakes’ carrot cake cinnamon rolls — just don’t be surprised if they ask you to save one for Peter Cottontail.

10. Empty tomb rolls

Image: Oh, Sweet Basil. Oh, Sweet Basil.

If you’re religious and want to turn Easter into a teachable moment, there is no better breakfast recipe than Oh, Sweet Basil’s “empty tomb rolls.” The key is get your kids involved so that they see the marshmallow go into your dough ball before the dish goes into the oven. When you open a baked roll and the marshmallow has melted away, you can share the story of Christ’s resurrection with your kiddos.

11. Bunny butt pancakes

Image: The Idea Room.

Here’s another “it’s so simple why didn’t I think of it first” ideas for Easter breakfast, this one courtesy of The Idea Room. All you need to do is make a standard batch, then use fruit and whipped cream to turn your typical pancakes into a cute (and kinda funny) bunny butt. Seriously, it’s that easy.

12. Fruity egg baskets

Image: Elephantastic Vegan. Elephantastic Vegan.

Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t go gaga over slight of hand? Well, this breakfast is about as close as you can come without pulling a rabbit out of hat. Because when you serve it, they’ll be convinced they’re getting ready to eat eggs. But, surprise! These “egg” baskets from Elephantastic Vegan are actually made using puff pastry, vanilla yogurt and apricots for a decidedly sweet morning treat.

13. Easy lemon dip (plus fruit!)

Image: Living Locurto. Living Locurto.

Knowing how much yummy food your family will stuff down their gullets through the day, you might crave a light a.m. meal. Enter, Living Locurto’s easy lemon dip. You can whip up this creamy dip in minutes, and you’ll have the peace of mind that you fed your kiddos at least one healthy thing on this often-indulgent holiday. Follow the blog’s cue and serve it with fruit cut into Easter-themed shapes for a festive touch.

14. Cadbury mini egg scones

Image: We Are Not Martha. We Are Not Martha.

It’s our firm belief that Cadbury’s Mini Eggs should be inducted into the Easter candy hall of fame. Other egg-shaped chocolates just can’t compare, which is precisely why we’re fans of We Are Not Martha’s scones — Cadbury’s Mini Eggs are the star ingredient. Yes, they’re a bit decadent for breakfast, but Easter only comes around once a year, right?

15. Easter breakfast Peeps pancakes

Image: The Suburban Mom. The Suburban Mom.

Heck, while we’re on the subject of decadence, let us introduce you to what will undoubtedly become your kids’ most memorable breakfast ever: The Suburban Mom’s Peeps pancakes. This is every bit as indulgent as it sounds, featuring a plethora of Peeps along with mini chocolate chips, to boot. But you know what we say to that? Worth it.

16. Bunny Fairy Bread

What’s cuter than this Bunny Fairy Bread a la Hello, Wonderful? With this breakfast dish, which only calls for four simple ingredients (cream cheese, white bread, pink or red food coloring, and sprinkles) kids will actually be encouraged to play with their food.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome Costco bakery items seen in the gallery below.

A version of this article was originally published April 2019.