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How to butcher a chicken in 1 minute flat (VIDEO)


I so desperately want to be that person who walks confidently to the butcher counter, requests one whole chicken, thank you very much, then returns home and cuts it up with such precision and ease that Martha Stewart would be jealous.

But I am not that person. My attempts at cutting up a whole chicken end with very mangled parts, plenty of swearing and the vow that I will never again buy anything but precut chicken pieces even if it costs three times as much. After all, sanity is worth something.

Then I saw this video. One minute. 60 seconds! Eight pieces of chicken, expertly cut up without sweating or cursing.


See… Doesn’t that look easy? Obviously he’s done this a few times, but it gives me hope. I’ll take one whole chicken, please. I am officially inspired.

Now that you’ve got all this chicken know-how, it’s time to get cooking and impress everyone with your butcher skills. Find your new favorite chicken dinner in the slideshow below… you’ve got 99 to choose from:

chicken recipes

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