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Cut up a bell pepper in seconds with the easiest kitchen hack ever (VIDEO)

I cook with bell peppers pretty often. In fact, they’re probably my second-most-used ingredient, just behind onions and in front of garlic. Seriously, I love bell peppers.

Growing up in a Cuban kitchen, every recipe started with the essential sofrito: a mixture of chopped onion, bell peppers and garlic. You can probably imagine the large amount of bell peppers I’ve gone through during the years, and how time consuming it can be to put this whole mixture together. And then I discovered this video.

Did you ever know how easy it can be to chop a bell pepper? Because I certainly didn’t! You don’t have to be Latina to appreciate this genius kitchen hack, since bell peppers are such a huge part of our culinary world these days.

slow cooker cauliflower and pepper bisque

I try to set myself up for a whole week of cooking by pre-chopping my bell peppers every Sunday night, so that I’ll have easier access all week long. With this tip, it’ll be even easier to make some of my favorite dishes. I’m looking at you, slow cooker cauliflower and roasted red pepper bisque. This is a dish that I made earlier in the year, and I have been dying to try my hand at it again. And now it’ll be easier this time around!

mozzarella, pepper and asparagus summer salad

Once the weather gets warm, I fully plan to try this trick again with a scrumptious mozzarella, peppers and asparagus salad. Doesn’t that just scream summer to you? It’s one of my all-time favorite salads because… well, you can see.

cheesy baked enchilada stuffed bell peppers

Of course, I’ll still always have a special place in my heart for stuffed peppers (like these cheesy baked enchilada stuffed bell peppers), but there’s something great about adding plain old chopped bell peppers to your favorite recipes. Whether that’s a spicy sausage tart for your next dinner party or a meaty egg and potato scramble in the morning, bell peppers are simply always in my fridge. And with this easy trick, they will remain there.

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