18 Awesome food hacks you haven’t seen before (VIDEO)

Just when you think you’ve seen every food hack out there, you learn that you can take your cold, leftover pizza, fold it up, put it in the waffle iron and make actual pizza pockets. Mind blown.

I spend a lot of time watching food hacks, and often they’re the same ideas repeated over and over again. By now most of us know you can hull a strawberry with a straw and cut cheese with dental floss.

When I saw Doug Armstrong’s recent food hack videos, I actually got excited. (Yes, food hacks excite me.) There’s stuff in here I’ve never seen before. The aforementioned pizza hack makes me want to order a pie, put it directly in the fridge and pull out the waffle iron the next day.

Maybe I’m easily impressed, but I think more than a few of these 18 food hacks just might surprise you. You can watch the first and second installments below.

Which hack are you dying to try?

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