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Caramel covered cheesecake isn’t just delicious, it’s also no-bake


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Lasagna is a beloved food for a reason.

Anytime you can layer delicious carbs with delicious cheese and a delicious sauce, you’re bound to have a winner on your hands, right? Well, Amy over at Oh, Bite It! has this equation down pat and was able to prove the combo is a winner with her sumptuous caramel cheesecake lasagna.

cheesecake lasagna

Image: Oh, Bite It!

Layering fluffy, sweet cheesecake filling with graham crackers and drizzling it with sticky caramel sauce will bring you to dessert nirvana. Of course, baking cheesecake from scratch or making a custardy cheesecake filling on the stovetop can be really stressful. But guess what, folks! This simple recipe is no-bake, meaning you can start shoveling it into your mouth faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Better yet, you don’t even need to worry about whipping out your candy thermometer and keeping an eagle eye on a fussy pot of sugar for the topping. You can use a jar of your favorite caramel sauce for this bad boy instead. No muss, no fuss.

It’s so simple. With a little mixing bowl action and a freezer, you could be stuffing your face with pure dessert glory by tonight.

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