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20 Skinny cocktails you’ll never believe are actually low-cal

Trying to shed some of that winter weight you gained grubbing on our fantastic comfort food recipes? So are we. That’s why we rounded up these fantabulous skinny cocktails — because losing weight doesn’t mean depriving yourself of everything.

1. Skinny mint mojito recipe

skinny mint mojito

Image: LaurendaMarie

This skinny mint mojito is made with a simple syrup using stevia instead of sugar, so you can spend your spring not having to worry about summer.

2. The skinny, skinny pomegranate margarita recipe

skinny pomegranate margarita

Image: The Skinny Confidential

Just looking at a restaurant margarita too long can make you gain a pound, so we’re grateful for this skinny, skinny pomegranate margarita that’s mixed with all-natural juices and ingredients.

3. Nilla basil daiquiri recipe

Nilla basil daiquiri

Image: Intoxicologist

This skinny variation of the basil and honey daiquiri is an elegant cocktail, far removed from the high-calorie fruit daiquiris dispensed from frozen drink machines.

4. Low-calorie peach bikini cocktail recipe

Low-calorie peach bikini cocktail

Image: Intoxicologist

This breezy peach bikini cocktail has almost half the calories of the fuzzier, full-calorie original.

5. Creamsicle low-calorie cocktail recipe

Creamsicle low-calorie cocktail

Image: Intoxicologist

We’ll take two of these creative skinny creamsicle cocktails made with rum, vanilla and a variety of fruit juices.

6. Tale of two limes recipe

Tale of two limes

Image: Intoxicologist

Hangar 1 Kaffir Lime Vodka mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice are the stars of this reimagined gin and tonic.

7. Trade winds recipe

Trade winds

Image: Intoxicologist

In a delicious departure from the tiki drink, this trade winds cocktail is made with ruby red grapefruit and citrus vodka.

8. Spiked cherry lemonade slushie recipe

Spiked cherry lemonade slushie

Image: The Housewife in Training Files

As spring moves closer to summer, these cherry vodka lemonade slushies will make you completely forget the heat.

9. Jalapeño-pineapple margarita recipe

jalapeño pineapple margaritas

Image: The Housewife in Training Files

A pineapple margarita sounds like it might be the perfect way to mix it up with a spicy simple syrup made with jalapeño.

10. Cherry bomb skinny cocktail recipe

Cherry bomb skinny cocktail

Image: The TipToe Fairy

Homemade skinny grenadine and limeade vodka make this cherry bomb cocktail, er, the bomb.

11. Skinny kiwi-strawberry blended cocktail recipe

 Skinny kiwi-strawberry blended cocktail

Image: Cella Jane

Strawberries and kiwi are meant to be together, and this easy blended rum cocktail proves it.

12. Skinny blueberry spritzer recipe

Skinny blueberry spritzer

Image: Peanut Butter & Peppers

Fresh blueberries and Champagne complete this sparkling blueberry spritzer and bring a satisfying end to a breezy spring day.

13. Blueberry vodka mojito cocktail recipe

Blueberry vodka mojito cocktail

Image: Picklee

This blueberry vodka mojito is so gorgeous you might not want to drink it. But if you’re like us, you won’t be able to resist the smell of fresh mint and blueberries.

14. The wicked skinny sunset cocktail recipe

The wicked skinny sunset cocktail

Image: Picklee

This wicked cocktail made with cherry vodka and maraschino cherries was created for you summer lovers trapped in spring.

15. The smashed lime skinny margarita recipe

The smashed lime skinny margarita

Image: Picklee

Muddled limes, agave nectar and blue agave tequila make a lime margarita so good you won’t believe it’s skinny.

16. Skinny sunrise cocktail recipe

Skinny sunrise cocktail

Image: Iowa Girl Eats

Celebrate “Shrinko” de Mayo with this fabulous rum cocktail made with pineapple juice, orange juice and strawberry simple syrup.

17. Rosemary gin fizz recipe

Rosemary gin fizz

Image: Sassy Radish

The classic gin fizz is given a fresh, herbal twist with a sprig of rosemary and tablespoon of rosemary syrup. This recipe isn’t specifically marked as skinny, but our research shows it clocks in at around 92 calories (2 fluid ounces gin ~ 40 calories; 2 tablespoons lemon juice ~ 4 calories; 1 tablespoon simple syrup ~ 48 calories).

18. Gin, rosemary, lime and soda recipe

Gin, rosemary, lime and soda

Image: This Girl Walks into a Bar

This rosemary and lime cocktail uses homemade sweet-and-sour mix for a naturally skinny drink.

19. Celery-cilantro cocktail recipe

Celery cilantro cocktail

Image: Skinnytaste

You’ve probably never had a sip from any sparkler as uncommonly refreshing as this celery and cilantro cocktail.

20. Skinny strawberry-basil smash cocktail recipe

Skinny strawberry basil smash cocktail

Image: My Thirty Spot

Blood orange vodka, fresh lemon juice and sparkling soda poured over muddled strawberries and basil makes an amazing sweet-and-sour smash cocktail for spring.

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