New (Kevin) bacon and eggs commercial is just too cute (VIDEO)

There are two things in this world that go perfectly with bacon: eggs and Kevin.

Now the two are teaming up to make all your breakfast dreams come true. Kevin Bacon has been named the new spokesperson for the American Egg Board, in a move so obvious it’s shocking it hasn’t already been done. Like, how many millions of dollars in breakfast-themed endorsement deals has Kevin Bacon been missing out on?

The new commercial is pretty funny. They even work in a 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon reference. A woman making breakfast is surprised when Kevin Bacon pops into the kitchen to dispense some of his eggs-cellent knowledge to her. Oh yeah, but it also turns out Kevin Bacon isn’t super into puns. Allegedly. Things get progressively weirder until finally her husband walks in while she’s taking a big whiff of bacon (again, the Kevin kind, not the popular breakfast meat. Although, I guess popular breakfast meat could also be used to describe Kevin. See how this gets confusing?).

Check out the whole spot below. And admit it: You wouldn’t mind it if Kevin was the bacon you had with your eggs in the morning, now would you?

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