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6 No-bake dessert hacks in under 10 minutes (VIDEO)


Scenario: Your kid has a bake sale tomorrow and just remembered to tell you at 7 p.m. You could send her along with a box of frosted Pop-Tarts to pass off as a “homemade” treat, or you could whip up one of these no-bake desserts in minutes. You’ll look like the bake sale queen, and you never even had to turn on your oven.

I don’t know about you, but if my options are baking or not baking, I’m always going with the latter. Especially when not baking produces this decadent chocolaty, caramel Twix pie. Just look at it. (Chances are this pie would end up in my mouth and not at any bake sale. Sorry, kid… Pop-Tarts it is.)

twix pie

Image: MyCupcakeAddiction/YouTube

Along with that glorious Twix-filled dream, MyCupcakeAddiction has come up with five other baking hacks for ultra-fast, no-bake desserts. They all have five ingredients or less and come together in minutes. That’s a dessert recipe I can get behind.

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