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27 Tater tot dishes to instantly relive your childhood


Oh, remember those days when it was acceptable to order a side of tater tots? Well, those childhood days are gone, but tater tot recipes still abound. Discover them over and over again.

There’s nothing better than a hot, crispy tater tot, right? Wrong! Take those simple tater tots, and create gorgeous recipes that will have your guests reliving their childhood in a more sophisticated way.

1. Bacon-wrapped tater tot bombs recipe

bacon taters

Image: Damn Delicious

There’s nothing sexier than these sticky, sweet and delicious bacon-wrapped tater tot bombs!

2. Tater tot breakfast nachos recipe

tater breakfast

Image: I Am a Food Blog

Wake up your loved ones with these tater tot breakfast nachos, and you’ll be the love of their life!

3. Beer cheese tater tot pizza recipe

tater pizza

Image: The Beeroness

Perfect for watching the game, this beer cheese tater tot pizza is double-carb heaven!

4. Tater tot nachos supreme recipe

tater nachos

Image: Foodie with Family

Friday nights are made for nachos! Make a batch of these tater tot nachos supreme, and indulge during the weekend.

5. Irish tater nachos recipe

irish tots

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Irish tater nachos are savory and delicious, especially when topped with guacamole!

6. Loaded baked potato tater tots recipe

tater tots

The dough to make these loaded baked potato tater tots is perfect for making tater tots of whatever flavor you want. Add extra herbs or cheese for more flavor.

7. Cauliflower tater tot casserole recipe

cauliflower tater

Image: Food Fanatic

A healthier version of casseroles, this cauliflower tater tot casserole is just the thing to prep and eat during the week.

8. Tater tot-topped spinach, sausage and egg casserole recipe

egg tot casserole

Start your mornings with this tater tot-topped spinach, sausage and egg casserole.

9. Roasted pumpkin chipotle cheddar tots with avocado blue cheese ranch recipe

pumpkin tots

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Make your own tots! These roasted pumpkin chipotle cheddar tots with avocado blue cheese ranch would make the perfect snack or party appetizer. We’d also love these sprinkled with a layer of cheese and then baked.

10. Buffalo chicken tater tot casserole recipe

buffalo tots

Anything with Buffalo sauce makes us happy, like this Buffalo chicken tater tot casserole.

11. Cheddar cheese broccoli tots recipe

broccoli tots

Image: I Am a Food Blog

Another DIY tater tot recipe: Cheddar cheese broccoli tots are just what we’re craving.

12. Cauliflower potato blue cheese tots recipe

cauliflower tots

Image: Food Done Light

Blue cheese and cauliflower? Yes, please, with these cauliflower potato blue cheese tots!

13. Tater tot and bratwurst casserole recipe

tater casserole

Image: I Wash… You Dry

Adding any protein to casseroles makes them even more delicious, like in this tater tot and bratwurst casserole.

14. Crispy chicken totchos recipe

chicken tots

Make these crispy chicken totchos, serve alongside a salad of fresh greens, and you’ve got dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes!

15. Totchos supreme burgers recipe

burget tot

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Want to impress your guests? Make these gorgeous totchos supreme burgers, and have a toppings bar for your guests to make their own. Everyone loves to create unique combinations.

16. Chorizo y papas grilled cheese sandwich recipe

chorizo y papas grilled cheese sandwich

Image: From Away

The tater tots add extra crispy texture to this Mexican twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich.

17. SuperSonic breakfast burrito recipe

Super sonic breakfast burrito

Image: The Pioneer Woman

Breakfast just got better with the tater tots inside this breakfast burrito.

18. Breakfast pizza recipe

breakfast pizza

Image: The Chic Site

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring when this breakfast pizza has all your favorite breakfast foods — ham, bacon, eggs, cheese and, of course, tater tots.

19. Bacon-jalapeño poppers with a cheesy tater tot crust recipe

bacon jalapeno poppers

Image: The Hopeless Housewife

If you’re looking for the perfect appetizer for your guests, then try these bacon-jalapeño poppers. The combination of a crispy exterior and a soft, melted interior will leave your guests wanting more.

20. Crock-Pot tater tot egg bake recipe

crock pot tater tot egg bake

Image: Julie’s Eats and Treats

This tater tot egg bake is the perfect way to start your morning, especially because it has bacon.

21. Zucchini tots recipe

Zucchini tots

Image: Wannabite

Instead of frying small potato bites, stay healthy and try these zucchini tots instead. They won’t disappoint!

22. Loaded tot kebabs recipe

loaded tot kabobs

Image: The Country Chic Cottage

These tater tots, covered in cheese and bacon, make the perfect snack for kids. They’re even more fun now that they’re on a stick.

23. Totchos salad recipe

totchos salad

Image: Macheesmo

Tater tots take a more low-key role and act as the croutons for this salad.

24. Tater tot enchilada bake recipe

tater tot enchilada bake

Image: Brunch Time Baker

This tater tot enchilada bake is the perfect combination of your favorite childhood snack and Mexican food needs.

25. Tater tots shepherd’s pie recipe

tater tots shepherd's pie

Image: The Kitchen Magpie

Tater tots are a great innovative topping for this shepherd’s pie.

26. Tater tot eggs Benedict recipe

tater tot eggs benedict

Image: The Kitchen Magpie

This tater tot eggs Benedict is the perfect brunch food. Instead of using an English muffin, put the eggs on top of the crispy tater tots. Your taste buds will thank you.

27. Tater tot burger with Sriracha-sour cream recipe

tater tot burger with sriracha sour cream

Image: Domestic Fits

This burger is perfect for your vegetarian guests. The patty is made of tater tots topped with a Sriracha-sour cream sauce. Delicious!

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