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31 Foods you never knew you could serve on a stick

It’s incredible the vast number of foods that come on a stick. Today we’re celebrating putting things on a stick with some of our favorite recipes.

Food on a stick has great advantages: less cleaning because you eat right from the stick, attractive to kids (because what kid doesn’t want to hold a stick?) and popular in almost every culture. You’re bound to find something you’ll love. We’ll start with savory stick recipes and work our way up to sweet treats.

1. Caprese stick recipe


Image: Eats Well with Others

We’re loving how this caprese stick recipe puts a twist on the classic by using sun-dried tomatoes instead of fresh for a burst of flavor.

2. Melon, mozzarella and prosciutto skewers recipe

melon skewers

Image: A Communal Table

There is seriously nothing more refreshing than these melon, mozzarella and prosciutto skewers.

3. Ecuadorian beef skewers recipe

beef skewers

Image: Laylita’s Recipes

Ecuadorian beef skewers are seasoned and grilled or seared — hands down the best and most flavorful beef skewers you’ll ever have.

4. BLT on a stick recipe


Image: Miss in the Kitchen

BLT on a stick is the best way to get your kids to eat tomatoes and lettuce. These would be perfect for a luncheon or afternoon snack with friends.

5. Grilled shisito peppers on a stick recipe


Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

Oh my, how amazing do these grilled shisito peppers on a stick look? We love ordering them at restaurants, but this technique of serving them on a stick is ingenious.

6. Pizza skewers with garlic butter dipping sauce recipe

pizza skewers

Image: Baked Bree

If you’re a pizza lover, why not stick them on a skewer like in this recipe for pizza skewers with garlic butter dipping sauce? You might not want to share with the kids.

7. Shrimp scampi skewers recipe

scampi stick

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Serve up these shrimp scampi skewers alongside a big bowl of freshly cooked pasta for a quick and easy dinner that still looks impressive.

8. Tuna, salmon and swordfish skewers recipe

fish skewers

Head to your local store, and buy the freshest fish for these tuna, salmon and swordfish skewers.

9. Pancakes on a stick recipe

pancake stick

These pancakes on a stick are amazing — seriously. What’s better than a breakfast sausage wrapped in bacon and then dipped in pancake batter and fried? Nothing.

10. Honey soy-glazed salmon and pineapple pops recipe


These honey soy-glazed salmon and pineapple pops are a delicious way to add more fruit to your meals — in a savory dish.

11. Caramelized sweet potato skewers recipe

sweet potato skewers

If you need a quick side dish, these caramelized sweet potato skewers are perfect and oh so vegetarian.

12. Grilled cheese and Peppadew pepper skewers recipe

grilled cheese

Oh, how we’re ready for summer to grill up these grilled cheese and Peppadew pepper skewers.

13. Rainbow veggie skewers recipe

rainbow skewers

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Kids hate veggies? Make them these attractive rainbow veggie skewers.

14. Homemade baked corn dogs recipe

corn dogs

The kids (and adults alike) will love these homemade baked corn dogs — baked, not fried, for a healthier version of a classic fried recipe.

15. Pastrami and Swiss kebabs recipe


Pastrami and Swiss kebabs are a perfect light lunch for watching the game or just having the guys over. Perfect with beer.

16. Turkey-cucumber sandwich skewer recipe

turkey stick

Hosting a luncheon? This turkey-cucumber sandwich skewer recipe will delight everyone, and it’s the perfect bite between sips of bubbly.

17. Cinnamon rolls on a stick recipe

cinnamon rolls on stick

Image: Foodie with Family

We’ve arrived at the sweets on a stick, and starting with cinnamon rolls on a stick is the obvious choice, right?

18. Hot chocolate on a stick recipe

hot chocolate stick

Image: Spiced Blog

We love making hot chocolate on a stick as an edible gift idea for friends and family.

19. Chocolate-covered doughnuts on a stick recipe

doughnut stick

Image: Love from the Oven

Start your Sunday mornings with these lovely chocolate-covered doughnuts on a stick.

20. Marshmallow fun pops recipe

marshmallows stick

Image: Pizzazzerie

Perfect for kids’ parties, make these marshmallow fun pops ahead of time, or let the kids make their own.

21. Strawberry shortcake on a stick recipe

shortcake sticks

Image: Nibbles and Feasts

Welcome spring with delicate strawberry shortcake on a stick.

22. 5-Ingredient caramel double chocolate birthday ice cream cake bars on a stick recipe

ice cream bars

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Five-ingredient caramel double chocolate birthday ice cream cake bars on a stick — don’t let the long title scare you, as these are super easy to make and look super impressive.

23. Almond espresso cookies on a stick recipe

cookies on a stick

Image: Cookistry

Serve a couple of these almond espresso cookies on a stick during coffee time — try dunking them in your coffee.

24. S’mores pops recipe

s'more stick

Image: Skinnytaste

Great for a summer party, s’mores pops love being a part of campfires.

25. Ice cream sandwiches on a stick recipe

ice cream stick

Cool down during the height of summer with one of these ice cream sandwiches on a stick.

26. Pumpkin pie on a stick recipe

pie on stick

Celebrate the season with delicious pumpkin pie on a stick — or make whatever fruit filling is in season.

27. 3-Ingredient cake batter truffles recipe

cake sticks

Three-ingredient cake batter truffles are perfect for kids’ birthday parties — no messy cake to slice.

28. Frozen piña coladas on a stick recipe

pina colada stick

Oh, how we love the taste of pineapple and coconut together, like in these frozen piña coladas on a stick.

29. DIY rock candy recipe

rock candy

DIY rock candy — a fun project to make with the kids.

30. Chocolate-dipped raspberry smoothies on a stick recipe

smoothie on stick

Make healthy smoothies for your kids, and then just freeze them into sticks, like these chocolate-dipped raspberry smoothies on a stick. A fun way to present the usual smoothie.

31. Chocolate-dipped fruit pops recipe

chocolate dipped fruit

A healthier alternative to cake pops: chocolate-dipped fruit pops.

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