#WeWantPlates calls out restaurants serving food in shoes, shovels and baskets

Hipster restaurants around the world seem to have an aversion to regular plates. Because crockery is boring, duh.

Diners have had enough of the hipster ways of some restaurants around the world, though, and are sharing the laughable lengths some places will go to be “on trend” or “cool” by sharing photos of their meals on Twitter.

A Twitter account called @WeWantPlates was set up by a man named Ross Grimes after a friend posted a picture of a meal served on a slab of slate.

He realised that there were so many restaurants serving their food in similar, and much more ridiculous, ways and encouraged other people to share their snaps with him.

Since then, more than 11,000 people have followed the account, which shares images of meals, showing the hilariously awkward lengths restauranteurs go to impress their diners.

From sneakers to flat caps filled with bread, diners have snapped some seriously ridiculous ways to serve an otherwise perfectly good meal.

Here are just some of the most hated hipster meals we’ve come across.

1. Why, oh why, would you serve dessert on a clock face?

2. At one restaurant, they have no need for plates at all. At least it saves on dishwashing liquid:

3. There’s the slate plate again:

4. Anyone game enough to eat curry from a toilet bowl? I think I’ve just lost my appetite:

5. For goodness sake, get this person a plate!

6. This just looks unhygienic:

7. Flat bread in a flat cap. Again, gross:

8. Oh, heavens:

9. Just stop!

10. And step away from the slippers:

Have you ever been served food in a ridiculous object? Share your photos with us on Twitter or tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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