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New Starbucks menu item will make almond milk fans pretty happy


In extremely exciting news for people who prefer almond milk over all other kinds of milk, Starbucks is finally getting closer to having it in its American stores.

Grub Street reports this morning that the company’s testing out almond milk in Japan now, and if all goes well, it could be coming to America.

Jealous of Japan right now? Well, you’re only going to get more jealous when you hear the drinks they’re testing out: the Almond Milk Frappuccino with Honey Crunch and the Almond Milk Latte with Almond Crunch. Maybe it’s the word “crunch” that’s getting me, but those sound so very delicious. At the very least, much more delicious than the no-name coffee I drank on my way to work today.

If you’re feeling like you already knew this news, you’re not feeling completely wrong. Starbucks introduced coconut milk into the mix just last month. So it looks like the company is really trying hard to satisfy people who cannot drink dairy. According to Yahoo, the company originally went with coconut milk because so many people voted for it on its crowdsourcing platform.

So what does that mean for almond milk fans? Make your voices heard, because Starbucks listens. Let them know you’ll fully support almond milk in its American stores. Also that you fully support finding a way to enjoy Frappuccinos regularly without the guilt that you’re drinking an entire day’s worth of calories.

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