Eatable News: The Churro Dog, Peeps milk, partially popped popcorn and more

From over-the-top mashups to new products to just plain cool stuff, this is the food news from the week you shouldn’t miss. Warning: You will want a Churro Dog when you’re done.

1. Candy corn chicks

candy corn chicks

Image: The Impulsive Buy

If you’ve just been sitting there counting down the days until Halloween, I’ve got fantastic news for you. Brach’s candy corn chicks have been spotted on store shelves and are sure to scratch that springtime itch for waxy candy.

2. The Churro Dog

In best-ever-baseball-news, the Arizona Diamondbacks debuted this beauty, which will be sold at their concession stands this year. The Churro Dog… It’s a churro nestled in a chocolate-glazed doughnut, topped with frozen yogurt and chocolate and caramel sauces. But it’s over 1,000 calories, so you might want to skip that beer.

3. Peeps milk

peeps milk

Image: Prairie Farms

You read that right… Peeps milk is real and ready to infuse your Easter with even more marshmallowy goodness(?) than usual. Choose from three festive flavors: Marshmallow, Chocolate Marshmallow and Easter Egg Nog. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you feel about Peeps), the milk is only available in Midwestern states. Sorry, East and West Coasts.

4. The chocolate ball

Image: Imgur

Currently blowing up Imgur, this ridiculously cool melting chocolate dessert has been around for a while, but this comprehensive GIF showing how it’s made is absolutely mesmerizing. If you’re ambitious, there’s a full tutorial so you can re-create it at home. Proposal dessert?

5. The chocolate ball rival

Image: magical desserts.

6. Partially Popped Popcorn with Butter and Sea Salt

partially popped popcorn

Image: Trader Joe’s

Attention: Trader Joe’s is now selling partially popped popcorn, otherwise known as the very best part and the entire reason I make popcorn. A 6-ounce bag is $2.49, which is a steal considering how many bags you’d have to pop to get all those partially popped kernels.

7. Cap’n Crunch Delights

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Found this in the test kitchen. #CapnCrunchDelights

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Taco Bell, you’re my hero. Deep-fried Cap’n Crunch doughnut holes with a gooey, milky center are exactly the way I want to end my quesarito meal. They were recently tested in Bakersfield, California (for which I considered making the four-hour drive). Let’s hope the test went well and these glorious little Crunch Berry bites are available nationwide soon.

8. The bacon pizzarito

Image: Imgur

You know how sometimes you can’t decide if you want pizza or a burrito or bacon? You never have to make that hard decision again. Thank you, bacon pizzarito. (That Churro Dog is looking low-cal right about now.)

eatable news

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