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20 Adorable mini pies to celebrate Pi Day

Celebrate Pi Day this March 14 with one of these adorable mini pies you have to see (and taste) to believe.

1. Ron Weasley’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink pie

everything but the kitchen sink savory pie

Image: Spoon Fork Bacon

Pies don’t have to be sweet! This savory version inspired by the insatiable Ron Weasley from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is exactly what it says — a pie with pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.

2. PB and Champagne grape tarts

peanut butter and champagne grape tartlets

Image: Erica’s Recipes

Being an adult doesn’t mean putting away childish things… It just means you have to update them to make them more sophisticated. We love this little PB&J makeover in the form of peanut butter and Champagne grape tartlets.

3. Cherry hand pies

cherry hand pies

Image: Spoon Fork Bacon

Hand pies are a popular choice because they’re oh so portable. These cherry hand pies sound absolutely scrumptious with their cream cheese crust and fresh cherries.

4. Maple butter tarts

maple butter tarts

Image: Closet Cooking

This recipe from our neighbors to the north isn’t just a popular treat. Maple butter tarts can actually be made ahead and frozen.

5. Mini cream cheese-stuffed cinnamon-sugar pumpkin bagel Pop-Tarts

mini cream cheese pumpkin pop tarts

Image: Half Baked Harvest

The second hand pie on our list, these cream cheese-stuffed, cinnamon- and sugar-covered pumpkin hand pies aren’t like anything you can buy in the store.

6. Mason jar lid blueberry pies

mason jar lid blueberry pies

These little blueberry pies baked right into Mason jar lids have a lot of wow factor for something so easy to do. You could probably try them with any berry you like.

7. No-bake mini grasshopper pies

mini no-bake grasshopper pies

Image: A Pretty Life

Tiny Mason jars, crème de menthe, mini marshmallows, Oreo cookies and zero baking make these no-bake mini grasshopper pies a win-win-win-win-win.

8. Chocolate-cherry cheesecake

chocolate cherry cheesecake

Image: All Day I Dream about Food

Would you believe me if I told you these little chocolate-covered, cherry-flavored cheesecake pies were low-carb? Believe.

9. Snicker’s bar tarts

snickers bar tarts

Image: Recipe Girl

If these tiny Snicker’s bar tarts seem small, rest assured — it’s because they’re amazingly decadent.

10. Blueberry pie crumble in a jar

blueberry pie crumble in a jar

Image: The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

We can’t be the only ones obsessed with desserts in a jar, right? If you are too, take a gander at these yummy-looking blueberry crumble pies in Mason jars.

11. Mini French silk cookie pies

mini french silk cookie pies

Image: Well Plated

Mini chocolate pies made with a chocolate chip cookie dough crust. Let that sink in a little. Actually, don’t. Just go make these as soon as humanly possible.

12. Mini nectarine-vanilla bean pies

mini nectarine vanilla bean pies

Image: Dessert for Two

Nectarine pies are like peach pies, only better, especially when they’re these mini nectarine-vanilla bean pies.

13. Mini chocolate-hazelnut mousse pies

mini chocolate hazelnut pies

Image: Spiced

Love your coffee with that scrummy hazelnut creamer? Try it for dessert in one of these mini chocolate-hazelnut mousse pies.

14. Irish car bomb hamantaschen

irish car bomb mini pies

Image: What Jew Wanna Eat

Guinness crust with chocolate-bourbon ganache filling and Baileys drizzle may be the sweetest words we’ve heard all year.

15. Mini pumpkin cream pies with phyllo crusts

mini pumpkin cream pies

Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

These mini pumpkin cream pies use phyllo dough crusts, meaning you can prep them in just a few minutes with next to no baking skills necessary.

16. Mini lemon cheesecakes with gingersnap crust

mini lemon cheesecakes with gingersnap crust

Image: Well Plated

These may be adorable, but they pack a powerful flavor wallop between the tart lemon and spicy gingersnap pie crust.

17. Chocolate cream meringue pies

chocolate cream pies gluten-free

Image: Dessert for Two

Shut the front door! These tasty-looking chocolate cream meringue pies are gluten-free? Who would’ve guessed?

18. One-bite no-bake peaches and cream pies

mini peaches and cream pies

Image: Country Cleaver

If you’re worried about blowing your diet, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge. Try these one-bite wonders with the comforting country flavor of peaches and cream.

19. Heart-shaped dulce de leche empanadas

heart-shaped dulce de leche empanadas

Image: Laylita’s Recipes

You can’t ask for much more than portable dulce de leche baked in chocolate empanada dough… except for them to be adorably heart-shaped.

20. Mini spicy-crust bourbon pecan pies and homemade cinnamon ice cream

spicy crust bourbon pecan pie

Image: Boulder Locavore

Let your inner Southern belle shine (even if you’re from up Nawth) by making these mini bourbon pecan pies with a rustic, spicy crust. The ice cream is optional but highly recommended.

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